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some of the finest deepness...

Discussion in 'House Room' started by dvs, Mar 1, 2006.

  1. dvs

    dvs TRIBE Promoter

    i've heard in a looooong time.

    julius "The Mad Thinker" out of chitown.

    just thought i'd add... if you're a fan of real deeeeep proper house/garage/udm.... whatever you wanna call it... trust me when i say his mixes are absolutely stellar. ( and i've listened to ALOT of deep house sets...)

    his mixing/eq'ing is impeccable and track selection is ridiculous... no straight 4/4 bizness either... it's a trip up and down and round and through...

    mindfuckingly good deep house/underground garage....

    (all .ram files so you'll need real player to hear them. sorry. ...only format availabe right now for them online.)

    here's a few...

    "Time Capsule"

    "Musica es Mi Vida"

    "Walk With Me"

    check 'em out and really LISTEN...


    p.s. curious to hear your thoughts.
  2. placid

    placid TRIBE Member

    been checkin em off the dhp..

    all good stuff
  3. el Guapo

    el Guapo TRIBE Member

    thanks for the link dan...I've been enjoying julius' flava for some time now.
    truly a world-class madman! haha!

    mad love for all dem 3 degrees folk ;)
  4. dvs

    dvs TRIBE Promoter

    glad people here are enjoying his stuff. i'm more than happy to pass good stuff along whether it be local flavour or intl.

    got a chance to meet and actually hang with him a bit a few years ago and we've sort of remained in touch here and there over the years...

    a really down to earth cat who's been toiling in the studio lately as well under the "Aid to the SouLless" (food for the soulful) moniker (a colaboration between him and his fellow residents "Emmaculate" and "FLX") and has some stuff coming out on the legendary "West End" label soon. i beieve he's debuting two new original vocal tracks at this year's WMC... he's billed on a few jams including his own signature "3 Degrees" jam... a class act who's humble and blessed with talent. keep an eye out for him and his upcoming releases... a quickly rising star.

  5. dvs

    dvs TRIBE Promoter

  6. grit

    grit TRIBE Member

    i like the way you've been talkin of late, daniel.
  7. grit

    grit TRIBE Member

    with passion!
  8. Chicago Kid

    Chicago Kid TRIBE Member

    I used to go to his 3degrees shows with FLX all the time at SmartBar in Chi..it was about a block from my old place. These guys are nice dudes and cool as fuck to drink with. Always great music from their camp.
  9. dvs

    dvs TRIBE Promoter

    the whole 3 degress camp is solid and their musical taste is stellar (imo of course).

    for a serious dose of deepness...

    Live at 3 Degrees Ultra Lounge (5 HR. SET!)

  10. deevah

    deevah TRIBE Member

    great stuff
  11. dvs

    dvs TRIBE Promoter

  12. dvs

    dvs TRIBE Promoter

    quentin's 'afterhours' (great late-night tune!) around 7mins in and the track 52 mins. in (i need to get that i'd'd!???) *whistles* ouch.

    enjoy... :D
  13. SRM

    SRM TRIBE Member

    Yeah, you can get alot of (his) mixes from Grooveparlour.
  14. dvs

    dvs TRIBE Promoter



    The sweetest time -T-Roy- Broadcite
    After Hours Steal Vybe Space Kat
    Time Out Kidzen Future Classsic
    Simplemente feat. Bebel Gilberto/Tom Middleton Zriguiboom
    Fantastique Voyage Tokoyo Blackstar Deeply Rooted
    Why'd you Fall Lil Louis CBS records
    The Breeze Marlon D & Dennis Ferrer City Deep music
    Free Stephanie Mills/Roots mix Expansion records
    Inner Soul - Support Your DJ - Deeply Rooted
    Carribs Leap Ian Friday West End blue
    Spread Love feat. Kenny Bobien & Ann Nesby Louie Vega Soul Groove records
    Feelin You feat. Matibane- KB - Yoruba

  15. furacao

    furacao TRIBE Member

    muchos gracias! really diggin this particular set. the others were a little too obscure for my liking...but this one is beautiful..

    keep em' comin.... :D
  16. furacao

    furacao TRIBE Member


    I take my comment back...I revisited the other sets today while cleaning around the house...as mentioned above...this guy is HOT shit...very smooth, very sophisticated...

    edited for: does anyone know how to get real player files onto the IPod??
  17. dvs

    dvs TRIBE Promoter

    his mixing skills (accentuation, filtering, etc.) and programming are top notch. these mixes certainly deserve a good listening to appreciate their finer points. ;)

    as for your *edit* sorry i can't help you out.

  18. s1k

    s1k TRIBE Member

    you have to get a program that converts ram (real player files) into MP3. google it and you'll find it.

    btw, luvin this mix, the st. louis one.
  19. Gfunkdiva

    Gfunkdiva TRIBE Member

    LOVIN' this tune.... feelin' the whole set... great stuff! Makes the work day breeeeeze by....
  20. dvs

    dvs TRIBE Promoter

    'Musica es mi Vida' tracklisitng (my fave mix)

    1. Chateau Flight - 'Les Antipodes' (Malik Dub) - Versatile
    2. Frank I - 'Let the music play' (Casamena Mix) - Yoruba
    3. Ashen & Walker - 'Music In My Life' - Gotsoul (not sure but i think this is the DJ Romain's Nutha Way To Pray Mix?) there are other mixes out. this track is pure HEAT. goosebumps it's so damn good.
    4. Tokyo Black Star feat Yurai - 'Rainbow ET Fantastique Voyage' - Deeply rooted
    5. Alix Alvarez feat. Arnold Jarvis - 'Take Good Care of Me' - SoleChannel
    6. Fertile Ground - 'Come to Me' - Gotsoul
    7. Blaze - 'Gloria's Muse' (The Yoga Song) Danny Krivit Mix - West End
    8. Joe Claussell - 'Mafungo'
    9. Quentin Harris - 'Lets Be Young' - Restricted Access
    10. Piranahead & Diviniti - 'Heart' - Mahogahni
    11. Jay Denes - 'Cherry' feat. Lisa Shaw - Naked Music
    12. Mr. Ali - 'Rainy Day' - West End

    i might be off on one or more versions/mixes but you get the idea. lol

  21. dvs

    dvs TRIBE Promoter

  22. Gfunkdiva

    Gfunkdiva TRIBE Member

    smooth and jazzy... perfect for editing business law documents which I spent my morning doing. :rolleyes:

    he's a little too eager with the weird cut-out/mid-tone fade or whatever it is though - I found it a bit distracting and disorienting. Just my $0.02.
  23. Rude1_247

    Rude1_247 TRIBE Member

    Haven't been able to listen to any of these, network access restricts RealMedia files. If anyone has these in MP3 hook a brutha up.
  24. Gfunkdiva

    Gfunkdiva TRIBE Member

    Hey hon, if you get 'em let me know... would love to make these transportable.
  25. dvs

    dvs TRIBE Promoter

    it's an intentional effect MANY (if not all) of the world's leading deep house dj's do (some more than others) to accentuate/emphasize certain parts or sounds in a track to showcase a particular element.

    ie. on a serious keyboard riff he may cut out the bass and highs to accentuate only the keys... on a smooth vocal or a particualr vocal phrase he may cut the background music as much as possible to accentuate just the vocal or words he wants to showcase.

    clausell, krivit, ferrer, boo williams, larry heard, knuckles (maybe not so much now. lol) and all of the other big jocks do it for effect and it's a technique that's been around for a LONG time and is particluarly specific to the genre of "deep house' (or whatever you want to call it) i love it when done well, especially when i'm really familiar with the original track and i hear what 'message' he's trying to convey with his eq'ing... the best of them can totally change the feel of a track and put oomph or take away 'distraction' at just the right moments to add to the power of the song.

    Last edited: May 17, 2006

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