so what are you doing for the OSCARS?

Discussion in 'TRIBE Main Forum' started by madnezz, Mar 8, 2002.

  1. PosTMOd

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    The American bullshit dream crap-- even if thinly disguised-- always wins the Oscar.

    Forrest Gump's message: even a retard can make it in America. Not fucking likely. But, still, the American Dream.

    Gladiator's message: individual fights, and wins glory. The American Dream.

    Titanic's message: lonely American on his way to seek the American Dream sinks... his memory lives on. The American Dream.

    Braveheart's message: Patriotism. The American Dream.

    I could go on and on... but, it should be obvious...

    The Oscars are about pumping up the American Dream.... America, the great country, where there are 26,000 murders each year, and more prisoners than the rest of the world combined (why would Shawshank win?)... Land of the Free...

    Land of Hyperbole and Bullshit.
  2. Karim

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    Shawshank was said to be poorly paced, and that it derailed many times.

    When I saw Shawshank for the first time, I was captivated. It is the BEST movie I have ever seen.

    Why it didn't win is beyond me. But I think Postmod may be on to something. Shawshank didn't glorify the USA as much as other movies would. Shawshank actually glorified Mexico :)

    Screw the Oscars, lets all go to mexico.

  3. silver1

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    "Born on the 4th of July" didn't win in 1989. So you're theory is debunked. (Well except for director Oliver Stone)
  4. noahmintz

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    Only Mel Gibson and Mel Brooks ... and maybe on the odd ocasion Mel Tourme (SP?)
    And especially not Melanie Griffith ... I can't stand that bitch

  5. noahmintz

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    Born on the 4th of July doesn't really represent the American Dream ... I don't think going off to Vietnam and becoming paralyzed is part of that dream
    If you liked the movie you should read the book ... it's much better and has been tainted

    And according to the American Dream theory THE PATRIOT should have won an Oscar ... it was definately one of the biggest pieces of shit ever made that represented the American Dream

  6. sugar

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    Wasn't Born on the Fourth of July all about how the Americans were misguided in their involvement in Vietnam?
  7. I saw it being a story of loss of innocence.

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