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Discussion in 'TRIBE Main Forum' started by ethnik, Feb 28, 2002.

  1. ethnik

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    i remember a thread about this a little while back but can't find it. therefore, does anyone have any particular stories, good or bad, or experience with any of the following places?

    1 - Harris institute

    2 - Trebas

    3 - Fanshawe College


    4 - OIART

    any help is much appreciated. based solely on available literature and on a visit, i am leaning towards OIART, but i have heard that Harris is pretty good also. just looking for objective opinions on this one. thanks crew.


  2. beaker

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    i'm going to harris now. i've been there for a term and i'm generally happy with the way it's going. if you're just looking to produce electronic music, don't bother though. i'm there to learn how to do that but i'm also there to get a job in audio post. if you want to email me with some questions -

    everyone i know who went to trebas said it sucked.

    i think LiquidFairy is going to OIART at some point. i can't think of anyone off this board who went to fanshawe.

  3. -Mercury-

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    i'm pretty sure lostintheEhole (tony) is goin' to fanshawe
  4. Mr_Furious

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    why do you say that?

    that's what I heard to....and that was from former students.

    where/what is that?
  5. Pure Silk

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    Here's a warning to anybody going to these schools


    It cost anywhere from 9000- 12000$$$$ to go

    when all you got to do is pick up some manuals and teach yourself

    especailly if you are just going there because you want to learn MIDI!!!
  6. Bumbaclat

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    London, Ontario/a college

  7. Mr_Furious

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    thanks for the wonderfully extensive insight young man :p
  8. lucky1

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    I remember this thread and I can repost my post if it will be helpful. One of My coworkers and I were talking about her daughter (who coincidently is about my age). She was telling me how her daughter loves her job. so I ask "what does she do?" so my coworker tells me she is working for Alliance Atlantis films and that she was recruted right out of school into a well paying position. Sorry I can't put details as I don't remember 'em. So I ask were she went and she told me the Haris Institute. I inquired about the fees and did her daughter think it was worth it and she said definately. Haris is aparantly one of the leaders. Almost everyone in her graduating class had jobs lined up before graduation.
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  10. cdp

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    I visited the oiart site, and I didn't think the facility looked very impressive. I've never seen one of those westar consoles... anyone have any info on that?

    How many people here are involved in that industry?

    Ok, take care!


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