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reccomend a product for taming baby hairs and breakaway hair?

Discussion in 'Girl Stuff Forum' started by queen naeema, Nov 15, 2007.

  1. queen naeema

    queen naeema TRIBE Member

    i flatiron my hair every three or four days, i have baby hairs around my hairline as well as breakaways and no matter what angle i work the flatiron they always end up standing straight out. i hate to go over and over them with the iron because it just makes it worse. i have tried all kinds of smoothing serums and stuff but none seem to do the job that i want; to make them lie down and go with the flow of the rest of my hair, without making my head too oily or greasy. solutions??????????
  2. skyparty

    skyparty TRIBE Member

    one question...

    have you always had those baby hair strands around your face? or is this recent? if this is recent(ish) and it is a result of over stress to the hair cuticle that is now damaged you have a little problem- and that little problem needs as much as time and care as a growing flower... protein stat!


    you are only damaging the hair cuticle even more, and they won't grow!

    2nd.... are you using a heat protection spray each time your flat iron? this will decrease the damage caused by hot tools like curling irons, and flat irons... this is must for anyone who uses any high heat tools on their hair.

    i understand you "hate" using the flat iron over those hairs, but i just had to stress that first point. what has mostly likely happened is that you weakened your hair strand by using heat tools (blow dryers, flat irons)along with your regular styling routine. the most stressed hair strands are the ones around our face because they get played with/tugged on/stressed a lot. it's like the breakage that happens with using elastic bands as ponytails. you are causing added stress where you shouldn't.

    now what to do with said hairs?

    serums, like you said, are only making things look "greasy". like i mentioned the hairs around your face are very touched with/played with etc and they're going to get natural oils from your skin anyway (your hands, your face).

    what is the thickness of your serum?

    i would suggest a light weight one if you are using a thicker one anyway...and with all serums it should only be used very sparingly and from tip to root (not root to tip). as you know there is no actual hold to this product. it is merely to seal the cuticle, and add shine. it's great for fly-aways or to give a more finished look! but even though with thicker, and coarse hair (ethnic hair also) sometimes serums just don't do enough... no matter how thick the serum is...

    have you tried something heavier like a pomade/wax (same thing different name)? this is a low hold, high shine product that has a bit of weight to it. this will help keep the hairs down unlike the serum which is more for sealing the cuticle vs more of a styling product. cream wax' i've seen in a higher hold, and a matte finish but you really have to look around for something like this. not many product lines carry that kind of product. i own one but it's really sticky, and tacky, and made more like a molding paste only creamier..fantastic for piecing!

    there are also shine CREAMS that are nice as well and have a bit more weight to it than serums do! but are also very low hold-

    the other suggest is a styling cream. women with curls love it to tame frizz/keep curls lookin "clean" (and mix it with a gel, or a styling lotion to hold the curl) and even women/men with shorter hair like this for a bit of a messy look without the shine of pomade/wax or the weight/hold of molding paste. it's more of a light-medium hold which is nice.

    what shampoo/conditioner are you using right now?

    i'd suggest a protein filled shampoo for the time being to give strength the hair shaft, and fill those baby hairs with some food! any breakage is a sign of over stress/damage to the hair cuticle and it requires special attention whether you've over processed it, or you've got too many split ends (usually from leaving your hair without a cut for too long, or using ponytails that break your hair or that kind of thing)

    side note: for anyone who's hair is thinning, or falling out, or breaking excessively try a medicated system like nioxin. it'll take a few months to work, but it does wonders- especially for those have really done a number on their hair, or who have any kind of hair loss (for medical or age-related reasons)

    anyway right now you have the waiting game. let those baby hairs grow! and if you have any questions i'll be happy to answer them... let me know what you've tried, and haven't tried... and i'll have a few ideas for you.

    good luck!
  3. kmac

    kmac TRIBE Member

    I'm a big fan of Aveda's Control Paste. I do my regular flat iron routine then smooth a tiny bit on the flyaway hairs.

    Warning: A little goes a long way. I swear this little tub has lasted me ages.

  4. JESuX

    JESuX TRIBE Member

    skyparty, once again you've beaten me to it!

    i was going to ask the same question, naeema. are these hairs a new ocurrence or have you had them forever?

    i don't know whether it was something i did, or if it was just a natural progression of aging... but last winter, starting around this time of year, SHITLOADS of my hair started falling out. presumably, from the root. over the next couple of months, i noticed that i had these baby hairs - you could see them all along the hairline at my bangs, and at my part. TONS of them. like, 50% of my hair was new growth. i've never experienced anything like it before!

    as those hairs grew out, i would have these tiny little hairs all over my head that would stick straight up, no matter what i did to them.

    the solution i ended up finding was two-fold:

    1) this product is *awesome*. it's a light cream/gel, smells amazing, it's cheap, and effective enough to keep my fly aways in check.

    sunsilk hydra tlc creme

    2) firm hold hair spray. i'd spray a small amount on my hair in an all over mist. as soon as i did that, i'd take my hand and smooth over top of my hair, very lightly so i didn't take away the volume. because i used an extra firm hold, it was the same thing as gluing those flyaway hairs down.

    herbal essences set me up

    it's taken about a year, but my hair is totally in check again and on the road to recovery. it stopped falling out, and the flyaways have grown out.

    another product that i've found really helpful is this KMS hair paste stuff, that i can't recall the name of right now. i had my hair cut and thinned last august, though, and because it's so baby ass fine and curly, the thinned pieces have a real tendency to do what they want. the hair pastey stuff helps keep it in control, as i think it adds some weight and texture to the fine follicles. and again, a final overall mist of extra hold hairspray seems to do the trick.

    (see the impressed/not impressed thread for my comments about herbal essences "set me up" hairspray. i will not use anything else again!)

    good luck, i know how frustrating it can be. :)

    edit: for extra shine and protection when you flat iron - i've found this stuff is *amazing!*

    farouk systems biosilk therapy. put some on all over before you flat iron, and another smooth over once you're done for extra shine.

  5. mingster

    mingster TRIBE Member

    for me, the solution was bangs.
  6. JESuX

    JESuX TRIBE Member

    heh, i also got bangs. which also made my hair even more of a bitch to deal with. thankfully the flyaways are gone on the hairline/part of my hair now too.
  7. skyparty

    skyparty TRIBE Member

    jesux! haha it asked for hair help and i was on it.

    if you need any hair product names, just let me know

    re: jesux recommendations!

    *creme gels are nice. i forgot about those! they have a bit more hold too! that's great!

    *hair sprays!

    HOT TIP!!!! spray it on your HAND! then use it to put the hairs down!

    *biosilk serum! best selling product! and it's great for your skin too!!!
    and it's so light weight!!! great for all hair types...


    ya i caved and got bangs too! i seem to always get them around this time and attempt to grow them out to a "side bang" by summer.... lol
  8. queen naeema

    queen naeema TRIBE Member

    yeah i'm pretty sure its all from heat styling damage....i havent taken as good care of my hair as i really could have... ok i'll stop ironing those hairs. can you recommend a heat protection spray?

    that pomade/wax sounds like a good idea i will check that out. i have ethnic hair and i recently chemically relaxed it as well, i think this is also why i'm having so much more breakage than normal.

    hehe uhh.. i dont want to say it was just a cheap one from the drug store... can you recommend a good salon shampoo/conditioner with protein that you mentioned? when i got my hair cut a couple weeks ago they did some kind of treatment that made it feel nice and healthy for a few weeks but now its getting all dry and brittle.

    thanks for all the info skyparty! sometimes i am so lost with hair stuff.
  9. skyparty

    skyparty TRIBE Member

    all of them pretty much do the same thing.

    famous/popular ones are...

    kms flat out
    chi thermal guard
    mathew james quickset

    to name a few.

    just keep in mind the wax/pomade are very high shine. so use very little! it's a low hold, but at least it has some weight to it... vs serums....

    if you recently chemically relaxed your hair i would say there lies problem number 1. if you also color your hair, or bleach it in any way, you have your next problem. it is safe to assume you are damaging the hair cuticle and you should expect to see breakage in all sorts of places! especially the weaker hair strands.

    well there are lots out there... anything that offers "strength" for weak/brittle hair, or anything designed for OVER processed hair is good.

    thermafuse offers one for strength, and it works with the heat of your blowdryers, or straighteners, to protect the hair even further! (great technology) i checked the ingredients and it is PACKED with proteins. some of them say they have protein but check the ingredients and you'll quickly see (and even in professional lines) that the protein (whether it be human hair keratin, wheat, soy, plants etc) isn't near the top of the list. there are many professional lines out there, and it gets overwhleming. pick one, try it, just know it's better than what you WERE using... i'm not biased. i'm just offering suggestions.

    given what your hair has gone through i would also get into doing a treatment once a week. pick anything that says hair "masque" or "reconstructor". keep this on your head while you do everything else in your shower, or bathtub. use your strengthening shampoo and conditioner the rest of the time.

    for ME personally- i've stuck to a protein shampoo, and followed up with a reconstructor DAILY, and also use a leave in treatment DAILY. (well ok i wash every 2 days)

    i have a variety of lines in my closet, so i tend to mix and match. as you've probably realised i had really over processed my hair to the point it was spongy, and strands easily fell out. i have very baby fine, thin hair, and i stretched its limits. one minute my hair was fine, (and a golden blonde i didn't want) the next bleach session it wasn't. oopsy..! so i am all about protein protein protein!

    ... and i'm telling you WHAT A DIFFERENCE! i am living proof. my hair gets stronger and stronger each day!

    a good leave in treatment is redken's extreme. you can get it anywhere. i personally use l'anza's trauma treatment! but i haven't seen it in toronto... these products (notice it is not a leave in conditioner! it is designed for TREATING the hair) this will keep your hair strand protected all day. i still suggest using the heat protection spray!

    last bit... always clarify- once a week, or once every 2 weeks. it is a simple shampoo that keeps your hair strand free of crap. this little investment will last you forever, and it'll keep your products, and shampoos, working! (none of this flat head, prone to oils, business) and if you've over processed your hair strand will attract more hard water deposits, build up, oils etc.

    hair is a science! and it's amazing what the right "food" will do for your hair strand!

    no worries... i was trained pretty extensively in this area.
    it's a shame i don't want to do it for a living!

    but i'll gladly offer any help, tips, or advice.

    i'm a customer too, and i'm not innocent .. sometimes we all need a little help!

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