Racism in Canda Towards Native Canadians

Discussion in 'TRIBE Main Forum' started by swilly, Jan 23, 2002.

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    that's all fine and dandy and it's great that your parents have been successful, however your parents weren't born here and are not native which is what we're discussing. Therefor your parents experiences are completly irrelivant.

    Sure lots of imigrants come here, some don't do very well for themselves and other are very successful, but if you take the poverty rates/suicide rates/etc.. of every person who is a landed immigrant/refugee and compare it those who are natives you'll a huge difference, and it's localized to them. No other ethnic group in this country is suffering the way many of them are. Sure there are exceptions to every rule, but for the most part their quality of life is not what it should be.

    what we need to be asking ourselves is why this is? Obviously something is not right somewhere. we/the governemnt needs to figure out what is the cause of this and do something about it.
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    wow, you are the poster boy for assimilation.
    you have definitely made me see the light...i should learn to take the racist crap that people dish out.
    i shouldn't bother pointing the finger at the person dishing out the crap, well because they've been burdened with the task of civilizing me and tolerating me - and hey that's tough for anyone.
    i should be thankful for them giving me the opportunity to better myself, and ignore any minor wrongs done to me.
    don't rock the boat, right?

    p.s. the only time i've heard the words "boss" and "chief" used have been in a derogatory manner.
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    I've been called "boss" and "chief" many times, and I'm not native.

    what we need to do is kill all white people... problem solved [​IMG]
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    And I thought 'Canda' was a great open minded country.
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    We've come a long way with racism in Canada... but I get the feeling that throughout it all, natives were somehow ignored, or exempt from all of the arguments and human rights actions.

    If police were dumping drunk blacks or hispanics or any other marginalized people out in the snow there would be so much public outcry... yet somehow it's deemed acceptable if it's natives. [​IMG]

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    Wow! Why don't you back off a little bit, just because you don't agree with him, doesn't mean you have to be so insulting. It's really mean. You seem to be intelligent, if you have an opinion, try teaching it, instead of cutting people up like that. It's not any more intelligent than what Pest has posted.

    Pest, although this discussion is centred around natives, I agree with most of what you have posted in this thread.

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    we are now entering the earth's atmosphere.
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    - Free university educations
    - No income taxes
    - No property tax
    - No CPP contributions
    - No EI contributions
    - No fuel tax
    - No alccohol tax
    - No liquor tax
    - Rights to hunt and fish to fill there own needs regardless of season.

    What else do they want?
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    Handouts don't usually help much. All these things are nice, but they don't contribute to self-awareness. This is an issue about who has power in society. Giving the natives stuff, doesn't give them power or control over themselves, it reinforces the omnipotentcy of the governement.

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    obviously what they're getting isn't working.
    maybe that's not what they need.
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    You've just outlined a number of things that are valuable to people, primarily, from our culture.

    Why doesn't anyone bother to ask them what they want?

    I seriously can't beleive you people. We're living off the fruits of colonialism. Right now. Not 200 years ago. Your current prosperity is directly linked to these people's suffering.

    If you can't see it, it's cause a) yer a dummy. b) yer affraid to see it cause it makes you feel yucky inside.
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    pest, posTMOd was being hard on you because your arguement, which i'm sure seems valid to you, makes very little sense to somebody who thinks that there is almost no grounds for comparison between the plight of an immigrant to canada and the situation of the native peoples of canada.

    your whole argument is based on the accomplishments of educated people coming to canada, comparing that to the plight of native canadians is apples and oranges.

    are you aware that in some nothern ontario communites they will not allow native children into the schools unless they have been prescribed and are taking ritalin? kids as young as 7 and 8!

    personally, i feel the situation of the natives is a tragic one. i fear that their culture is essentially doomed and the blatantly racist attitudes that many otherwise liberal people have towards natives is scarey.
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    I'm not disputing what you're saying here, I haven't heard about this. But arguments like this can be terribly one sided. There could be a perfectly reasonable explanation for it.

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    give me one.
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    I ask you to please source this as I simply don't believe it.


    But what more can we do. We can't take back our past mistakes. We don't have a time machine and we want them to deal with there own affairs as much as possible.

    We want them to run there own education and they do, we want them to run there own industries and they do, we actually want them to as a society ba able to develop as much as possible. Our government has worked to promote native self policing and it has been fairly effective. Our governemnt has worked to insure that they have control over there own resources as much as possible and they have been managing they're own fisheries and forestry industries.

    I honestly believe both sides want to work out an agreement, but nobody can table an offer to make up for 10 generations of making the wrong decisions. I think the Canadian Governemnt has been working very hard to try and be as fair and equitable as possible.

    I have often said if ever I had a chance to talk to Chretien (him specificly because of his role in Native Affairs) the only topic I'd want to discuss is Native Canadians. I've never been able to understand what we can still offer them.
  17. mingster

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    There could be a particularily high incidence of FAS, and other things that cause learning dissabilities. Is it required that they ALL get the meds, or do they all have to be tested?

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    The quote is un true.

    The quote is miss quoted.

    The drug is being requested by parents.

    Hey even if the drug is being given to them they have enought common sencse to not put it in their kids mouths. Shit these are not four year old people they're just as capable of making there own decisions as we are.
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  20. janiecakes

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    dude you go on at length about how important your cultural and religious traditions are to you.

    do you have ANY IDEA what happened to native canadians in residential schools? or on what scale it happened? do you know what happens to a culture when children are taken from their families and forced to practice someone else's religion and speak someone else's language, not to mention getting raped and beaten while they were at it?

    how would you feel if someone wanted to build a golf course on your family's cemetary? or if the OPP shot and killed your unarmed brother in a land claim dispute?

    don't make yourself look like an idiot by asking ridiculous questions like 'what else do they want?'.
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    how does not having to pay property or income tax or liquor tax address what happened?

    it doesn't.
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    i don't have the source on hand, my roommate is doing a masters in criminology and is doing research in chemical abuse and society. he actually told me that story last night when we were chatting about his paper. the reason is that the teachers say the native kids are uncontrollable as a group and have refused to enter the classrooms. i imagine that they are faced with situations where the native community is so shattered that very few of the children are raised in anything resembling a stable home.
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    How about the lives of millions of ancestors who were hunted for sport back?
    How about hope for the future?
    How about the respect of the people who raped their land and wives and brought the tax-free fire-water to America?
    How about a living situation where far more youth see education rather than suicide in their future?
    How about a schooling system which prepares young people to take advantage of the free tuition you mention?

    You take a migrant people and force them to live in one place and remove the need to earn a livelihood via transfer payments (hell there aren't many options for going to work on a reserve even if someone was motivated to do so) and you have a recipe for disaster. I've seen it first hand and it isn't pretty.
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    Yes I am aware, it was horribly wrong!!! But now it isn't done anymore, they have there own schools run by there own people and taught by there own people. We were so wrong it was criminal and in several cases these crimes were prosecuted in court. But I can no more take back tha past than can you.

    HORRENDOUS!!!! So how do we make up for it?

    Finding fault is simple, but unless we have a way to correct the past injustice, or unless there is something that they want and we can make availible to them there really is shit all we can do. How do we even begin to make up for the past, we can't. We offer all that we can offer and we try to be as fair as possible in our dealings but we can't undo the past.

    No I'm being honest. If the natives ask for a territory to be defined like Nunavut we as a country do out best to make sure it happens. If the native communitites want help to build industries we do our best to help them. We would love to have natives supply there own medical attention as well.

    Critisizing history and ignorant people is simple. Offering a suggestion on how to correct and of this however seems to be impossible.
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    Regent Park?

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