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  1. And there is nothing wrong with that. It's good that you can be honest with yourself with that. Most single parents would prefer that someone be straight up and be told that the other person doesn't feel he/she can do this.

    Or maybe, you just haven't met someone yet that might change your mind? ;)

    As for wanting to have your own, again, perfectly understandable.

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    If the baby is just nine months it's probably not a good idea to get involved. He's probably going through a pretty confusing time as a parent, reconciling that you're a parent and all the responsibilities / knowledge that goes into that doesn't get acquired as soon as the baby is there. Even if you have feelings for him he's probably going to have some confusing things going on to affect his.
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    i hear yea. and i understand completely. however he was still living with the mother :( When i found out, i felt like such a home-wrecker. I still to this day will never forgive him.

  4. That is shit. Can't say I blame you for being angry. Being decieved like that is outright wrong.

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    i dont think i could date someone with a kid. and i feel incredibly selfish for it, but i really dont think i could be able to handle it. its not that i hate kids..but it seems like a huge thing to be gettting into, and blah. this is making me sound like a witch...but ya..thats my answer. i dont think i could do it. :(
  6. Again: There is nothing wrong with this, because you are recognizing your own limitations and know what you can or can't do. It's perfectly understandable.

    However, I said it before, and I'll say it again; just because you might be interested or going out with someone who has a kid, doesn't necessarily mean that they want a super firm no way out relationship. If they are, I think that they might be asking for too much from another person, as this could be deemed wife or husband hunting. Yes, they most likely want a stable relationship for themselves and for their children, but you're not necessarily going to become a mom or dad to their kid. It's often a misconception that you can run into, or might be unintentionally conveyed.

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    i have 3 male friends who all take care of their children on their own, and do an astounding job as well. i have an abundance of respect for them, their level of maturity and the lack of selfishness they display. i think its rare moreso because like you said - (some) men have difficulty taking on the responsibility and alot of women would never part with their child.

    stacey - why don't you just put the focus and energy into the your male friend - see him outside of his personal life. get to know him first without involving the child - then decide at some point down the road whether you want to include his son or not in your relationship. it may save some heartache in the end. keep also in mind that most single parents aren't looking for a fill_in parent. they are just looking for a special person to spend some time with :)
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    Bleh I’ve gone out with single moms. Usually they are actually really cool since they have their shit together, are experienced, responsible and are not as brain dead as the average single female. There tends to be way less bullshit overall.

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