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    Perhaps the conscious is really only like what is 'allowed' to be leaked out of the mind, in order not to be overwhelmed.

    You, I, we are dreaming all the time--perhaps-- but while we are awake, that door is closed, and we are left standing in the small anteroom of the conscious mind, with its well-known walls decorated with the same paintings and pictures that fade and change, but slowly, so slowly. It's hard while we're awake to let that door open, and to look into that huge mansion of mind. Hard, but not impossible... hell, I'm typing this ad lib-- where's it coming from? Not my little wee conscious that can't come up with metaphors (see, now that I've noticed, the door has been shut).

    The door is closed now-- I'm tense, but it'll open again, and leak some more, but I'll close it again, for it's not all good that is in the larger part (and it's frightening). Nothing really scary exists there-- how could it? It's me, not some monster (or is it, am I a monster?), no just me, warts and all, smarts and all, dumb-dumb-bum-bum, poopy poo.
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    I love music and for me music is a feeling... it makes me want to enjoy it, makes me want to listen to it or dance to it.. etc.

    But just because a particular sound doesn't do it for me, it's my fault? Not the artist producing it? So you're telling me you love all forms of music? Gospel, Country, Trance, Industrial, Punk, Hardcore, Speedcore, Etc, etc, etc?

    Please... I'm entitled to my feelings on music. And if one particular Genre doesn't do it for me, that's the Artist/Sounds fault not my own.

    It's not like I can't listen to only Trance... I dislike a lot of other Genres also.

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    Why not?
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    Indeed [​IMG]

    Such a good thread!
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    No, obviously not all forms. But I do admit to being close-minded, at least in some aspects. For example, i have/had similar associations with trance. First off, I mistakingly thought all trance is pussy trance. My first few experiences with hearing trance at parties have involved a whole shitload of whacked out floor dwellers with millions of necklases and glowsticks. For the longest time the word TRANCE made me cringe. I automatically saw the average Bloe Joe raver - orange pants, from oakville, has a small girlfriend with many bracelets, etc etc. Basically a gross generalization of fakery.

    It took me a while to realize that there are others forms of trance other than pussy trance. And my association slowly dissolved.. But even now pussy trance still makes me cringe. I still haven't figured out the exact reasons. But I know for sure it isn't the music itself. Its the image it conjures up in my mind, the association I have.

    Basically what I'm saying is we're all close-minded to an extent. But unless we realize that our negative reactions to certain things are often irrational and can be changed, we'll be as closeminded as anyone else. The more things we enjoy/tolerate (or the more positive associations we have with things/objects/ideas/etc), the more we benefit from it.
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    okay i lied. one more post. that's it. damn you thread from the dead begging for a response. damn you.

    in response to what you mentioned timo, i think most of us are afraid of confronting the negative aspects of ourselves. our fears, our neurosis...the "concious" mind keeps everything tightly in check because of an inability or unwillingness to acknowledge what's really going on.

    "whatever is natural cannot be immoral". who said that? nietzsche? regardless, it holds true. often we're so afraid to confront the "darkness" within when embracing it would illuminate those aspects of ourselves. they would no longer be frightening, but an extension of self...we're all multifaceted individuals and by denying that which we don't like or want to take accountability for, we're denying an intrinsic aspect of who we are.

    if we confront what is frightening it can no longer control us. we can vanquish the demons within by accepting that they're there.

    "when you walk to the edge of all the light you have and take that first step in to the darkness of the unknown, you must believe that one of two things will happen:

    there will be something solid for you to stand upon,
    or, you will be taught how to fly"

    (what i'm trying to say is that i agree.)


    "how can we be open to the hard parts and still function? oh no! not *this* we say. whatever *this* may be: an incapacity, a weakness, a cruel thought, a death, a misunderstanding, a joy not shared, a wistful, lonely moment. *this* must be our greatest teacher"~sark
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