Planetx Usa.. Rip Off !!!!

Discussion in 'TRIBE Main Forum' started by G-FrEsH, Mar 12, 2002.

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    Me and my best buD . We ordered off planetx USA like a i think more then a month.. ( forgot ) But It took so damn long. Sure the store carried like tons of hard to find tracks but they never even puts its status if it was in stock or not. I wanted like 10 records and it ends up that they only had 4 of the records that i wanted.
    K they notified us of the order.. so we Confirmed it..
    Whats next...

    So we tried a wire transfer.. That cost too much...
    Then the bank suggest us to do a money order.
    PlanetX USA doesn't except a money order.

    Anyways Bottom line is that there were too many hidden fees.
    I can't remember the actual taxes that were put on the order.
    Then at the end.. ( THANK YOU TERRORIST. DUTY TAXES )
    I payed too much for 4 records.
    I shouldve stuck wit the sites that never lets me down..

    anyways had to get this off my chest.


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