One Hit Wonders

Discussion in 'TRIBE Main Forum' started by Libradragon, Feb 28, 2002.

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    This post made me smile.
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    On a different note:

    P. Cok - "Double Doper"

    Best fucking song ever. But the rest of their tunes SUUUUCK.
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    Meatloaf is on the radio right now.
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    wow good thread Naomi. why does everything have to happen from 9-5?

    So here's ma 2 bits.. (and lets see if I can get this ubb stuff right)

    another classic: "I'll Remember You" - Skid Row

    So true.. it seems to me that there are more one hit wonders today then ever. I feel as though many bands are over produced; not to mention the introduction of corporate rock took away the need for music to have any substance to it. You just get the most bang for your buck.

    I believe Soundgarden hang out with Pearl Jam in the 'untouchable' group. ;) Dude, they had an amazing feel for the music, especially considering they were experimenting with odd time signatures (5/4, 9/8)

    Peace & love. D
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    more 80's cheese pop from my record bin :D

    although debbie did have 2 hit songs i guess..."electric youth" and "only in my dreams"

    suzi q - 2 of hearts

    alien ant farm - smooth crimminal

    rico suave - (*i forget the name of his song...rico suave?*)

    chumbawumba - tubthumping

    adamski (feat. seal) - killer

    zombie nation - kernkraft 2000

    the wiseguys - start the commotion

    lo-fi all stars - battle flag

  7. Lysistrata

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    Now I really really really want to hear that Candy track.

    I like to make people smile. I'm glad I succeeded.

    And it's probably already been mentioned, but I'mnot about to go back and re-read this epic thread, but--Martika, 'Toy Soldiers'
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    and you say you have good taste in music...
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    I'd also be gald to take the silver chair off your hands LibraD, their first album was killer! after that they went straight to the crapper...

    "if only i could be as cool as yoooooooo..."

    Peace & love. D
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    falco - "rock me amadeus"
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    *looks at old CD's and shudders*

    Wreckx n Effect - Rump Shaker
    Lord Tariq and Peter Gunz - Uptown Baby
    BTK - Peppy Rock
    Blue Boy - Remember Me
    Bass is Base - Funkmobile
    John Forte - Ninety Nine
    Warren G - Regulate

    Great thread!

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    :eek: How dare you!

    Rickardo Belmiro de la Cruz...
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  13. Libradragon

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    I am only listing the songs that aren't electronica-related. you know, the singable ones!! :)

    Sophie B. Hawkins - Damn I wish I was Your Lover

    John Mellencamp - Jack and Diane

    Edie Brickell - Circle of Friends


    Catherine Wheel

    Tea Party
  14. Klubmasta Will

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    edie brickell is NOT a one-hit wonder! her most popular song is "what i am". her best song is bob dylan's "a hard rain's gonna fall" (which is also, incidentally, one of my 3 all-time favourite songs).

    another one-hit wonder:
    the cardigans - lovefool
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  16. Plato

    Plato TRIBE Member you even know what a one hit wonder is!?


    cause it doesnt seem like you do. so many that you mentioned have had more than one hit, even if you only remember them for one song.

    as for sophie b hawkins, "as i lay me down" and "right beside you" (i think thats what it was called)

  17. Lysistrata

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    Ummm.... what? Mellencamp has a long and successful career whether you like him or not. He had hits as John Cougar, hits as John Mellencamp and hits as John Cougar Mellencamp. @ I canthink of--'Paper and Fire" and "Little Pink Houses"

    Edie Brickells 'hit' is certainly "What I am" Other then that she's best known for marrying Paul Simon.

    Ah Frente... What exactly was their one hit? the cover of "Bizarre Love Triangle"? I listened to a bunch of songs from that album way back when but never actually heard any on the radio.

    And calling Tea Party a one hit wonder at this point is merely ridiculous.


    I've read a bunch of other threads today, btu this is the only one I have anything to say in... odd.
  18. Klubmasta Will

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    frente's one hit was "labour of love".

    as for 'the couger', well, i'm sure naomi was just listing albums that she never listens to anymore.

    ps. by "couger", i'm referring to john mellancamp, not naomi. :p
  19. Libradragon

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    Somewhere on page 2 or 3 people stopped listing one hit wonders. *shrug*

    I know for a fact that i didn't know any other sophie b hawkins songs other than the one i mentioned.

    As for John Mellencamp, I only know that one song. I wasn't here for the 80s - so i missed out on that entire era.
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    catherine wheel had many good tunes, way down just got lots of muchmusic and 102.1 airplay...just so you know

    hi naomi :)
  21. Plato

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    rammmstein - du hast

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    ack....james!!! catherine wheel!!! 2 wicked bands who have put out so many incredible tunes...both suffered from post big hits, although the james album whiplash is still pretty solid (not too keen on millionaires & haven't heard the new one)...on the other hand catherine wheel did some incredible work before way down...songs like i want to touch you, black metallic, crank etc etc on 2 incredible albums chrome & ferment...

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    the toadies
    the presidents of the united states of america
  25. R4V4G3D_SKU11S

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    Oddly enough, he actually lives in Toronto now.

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