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Discussion in 'TRIBE Main Forum' started by noahmintz, Feb 28, 2002.

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    I would agree that the Dead Kennedys are one of the greatest punk bands, but just off topic. I bought a dead kennedys dvd about 1 month ago which included live footage of jello biafra, and and their first drummer from 81' to 83'. I would have to say that my view on the dead kennedys has changed after seeing them play live. Their music (i have most of their cd's, mentionables would be plastic surgery disasters, in god we trust, fresh fruit for rotten vegetable etc.) is very energetic, loud and somewhat dark, and has that edge.
    I dont know what i thought there live performances were like before i saw this dvd, but jello biafra is definitly a weird guy. I wont let this change my view on there music, which i love, but just watching jello biafra live and doing weird things with plastic gloves and trying to dance around, almost trying to liquid at times, just kinda made me think this guys kinda weird. His lyrics are definitly different and questionable at times, sometimes even going over my head with his off the wall political analogies and thoughts, but i kinda liked that.
    i dont know where i'm going with this post, but my view on jello biafra has changed, not sure if its a positive or negative thing yet, but it has changed.
    i heard he's coming soon to do one of his 'speeches' that he's well known for, whihc i might check out, just to get a glimpse of this guy...maybe he's not so weird 20 years later...?
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    You're weird.


    ..AND you smell like hotdogs.
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  4. seeker

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    oops! jeez, you're right, i'm sorry! i just dropped onto the face of the earth yesterday! :rolleyes:

    never said i didn't like punk in the last 20 years. in fact, i've really dug a lot of punk in the last 20 years. and i never said that i didn't like so-cal punk, either. or skate punk. my point was that because of the prominence of this style of punk, a lot of other bands that pushed punk in other directions have been overlooked.

    my biggest problem with punk music today is 'punker-than-thou' fans like yourself who are really too narrow minded for punk's own good. you've taken all the fun out of the genre with arguments and put-downs.

    enjoy what you like.

    here's some punk rawk for ya! -> :p
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    Guy, please do me a favour. Lock yourself in a room for a few days and sit and listen to the complete history of the Clash and I am sure your views will change.

    What Joe Strummer did in a nut shell was take punk from a state of wanna-be anarchists and general malcontents and re-shape it into a viable, fresh, politically responsible art form. If you listen to "Guns of Brixton" "Rudy can't fail" "Bankrobber" not only are you listening to music with a social voice, but also the first ever fusion of dub, ska and 3 chord punk together... the Clash changed it all.

    They made songs like "should I stay or should I go" and then followed with "Tommy Gun" They made "Lost in a supermarket" then followed with "Rock the Casbah". These guys pushed every envelope when there was no envelope to push, and they managed to keep their integrity in tact.

    I truly believe that if 416 is saying that the Clash is "fluff" then he just hasn't had a real listen. Sit back, smoke a J and take in the words and music of one of the most important bands in history... I promise you will not me disapointed, trust me, please, I swear I know what I'm talking about, if I never knew anything I know this, for real, give it a shot, can I be any more adament? Give it a listen, no joke.... for the love of god will you just listen to the music!!! :p

    "The ice age is coming, the sun's zooming in, meltdown expected, the wheat is going thin, a nuclear era but I have no fear, cause London is drowning and I live by the river."
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    I'll admit I haven't listened to them in years, but that doesn't mean that they don't suck.

    And they're really not that big of the deal.

    "Rock the Casbah". C'mon dude. We're talking about punk rock here, not department store Musak.
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    "and you smell like hotdogs"

  8. 416

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    You have nothing to add here Jane, you listen to Meatloaf.

    Now git!
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    meatloaf = original oldskool punk rock nuttah
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    Go on.


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    Don't even make me bring up you shaking your booty to that at Buddies. :D

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