Need advice: who pays on a gay date?

Discussion in 'TRIBE Main Forum' started by MoFo, Jan 4, 2002.

  1. janiecakes

    janiecakes TRIBE Member

  2. gRoOviegurl

    gRoOviegurl TRIBE Member

    The guy.

  3. Hal-9000

    Hal-9000 TRIBE Member

    Are you sure? I think Sunny is talking about that new place we walked by last week -- a few doors down from Byzantium, in a much smaller unit.
  4. janiecakes

    janiecakes TRIBE Member

    oh yeah, that place that doesn't have a sign out front?

    i think it just has its name on the little wee menu in the window.

    looks good.
  5. Temper Tantrum

    Temper Tantrum TRIBE Member

    On an unrelated topic has anyone noticed that even in homosexual couples one individual tends to fall into the role of female and the other into the male even though they share a gender?

    Thus the very un PC terms 'butch' and 'lipstick' lesbians...

    Mmm gay couples rock [​IMG]

  6. janiecakes

    janiecakes TRIBE Member

    i think that's often more of a perception than a reality.
  7. MoFo

    MoFo TRIBE Member

    No, next to it.
  8. MoFo

    MoFo TRIBE Member

    To TT's comment,
    yeah, I can see how that can happen. Personally, that sort of relationship seems to spawn more from tv sitcoms (re: Seinfeld, Friends etc...).

    And even though it's two guys, I still believe in chivalry and manners. So I was just wondering what you guys thought. I mean, I paid because he insisted on paying.

    It's an Asian thing. [​IMG]

    And yah, that place was nice. Make sure you tip big though. This woman who looked like Vivienne Westwood tipped a whopping $1.87! Haha.
  9. MoFo

    MoFo TRIBE Member

    That's it. I was just going to say what Ryan said, a smaller unit. It's only a door and a little bit of window.

    It was really nice. I'm aching to go back to drink on a Thursday night or something.
  10. janiecakes

    janiecakes TRIBE Member

    why did you take out my little wee menu in the window bit?

    i worked on that for hours, bumbum.
  11. Nicorory

    Nicorory TRIBE Member

    I think it's nice to switch. Like one pays for dinner the first date, and I'll treat you to lunch and a movie, etc.
    I think working it that way is nicer than just splitting the bill, that somehow feels tacky. But I do like paying my share, even though I'm a poor student.
    I've found that guys who like to pay for everything usually end up being the controlling time, and aggressive and boring in bed. But there are exceptions, one I met insisted on paying, but was a complete sweetheart, chivalrous almost.
    But warning lights do go off in my head when a man continually INSISTS on paying.
    avoiding men =P
  12. graham

    graham Well-Known Member

    this thread has been up for a week now, I'd say that at this point we've all paid for the gay date. [​IMG]
  13. MoFo

    MoFo TRIBE Member

    Haha. Silly.
    Take me out for Indian, slut!
  14. MoFo

    MoFo TRIBE Member

    NOT! Now I need money to pay all the fucking school fees. Grrr.

    Enjoying my $3 red curry right now at school. [​IMG]
  15. BassQueen

    BassQueen TRIBE Member

    Switch it up a bit if there are a series of dates and if you think it will break your bank account.

    I've always tended to pay the bill when out on date or something, but I get a real pleasure out of treating someone.

    Plus, i've sometimes been with people who are more poverty stricken then myself. I'm working on that one though. *superficiality alert* [​IMG]

    Anyone know of any gay-single-female-lawyers/doctors out there? [​IMG]
  16. Aphrodite

    Aphrodite TRIBE Member

    isn't it $3.50 now? + Lemon Nestea yummiest lunch ever!
  17. MoFo

    MoFo TRIBE Member

    Oh yeah. Maybe I should just go to the newly built McDonald's. [​IMG]

    I saw you today wandering. I was in line at Student Services.

    Well, he's taking me to Dhaba on King supposedly and it's his treat. He's such a gentleman. [​IMG]
  18. Aphrodite

    Aphrodite TRIBE Member

    within the week I decide never to eat Mcdonald's again.. there's one across the street.

    they're after me!! Those salty fries!! I MUST RESIST!
  19. Jeffsus

    Jeffsus TRIBE Member

    to TT

    in any couple there is always one person who is a bit more decisive or agressive; only because the chances of two people being exactly the same decisiveness is pretty low.

    Why the decisive/agressive guy gets associated with the 'male' half and the go-with-the-flow guy gets the 'female' label is a mystery to me -- since even straight couples don't necessarily follow that pattern.

  20. Temper Tantrum

    Temper Tantrum TRIBE Member

    Easy. Societal sterotypes. Male 'culture' is to be raised to be strong, bold, sexually adventurous, don't show emotions etc. Female 'culture' is to be raised to be emotional, sweet, feminine, shy etc. I don't think these sterotypes are true to any extent, but the way one is raised certainly affects one behavior, thus the continuous propogation of the mentality.

    It probably goes back to the days when men beat women over the head with a club and dragged them back to there caves.

    Sociological complexes like that are fun. C'est la vie.


    PS Jeff, I'm in your area tonight, give G+T a call.
  21. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Whichever part feels more comfortable.
  22. MoFo

    MoFo TRIBE Member


    Never thought this one would resurface again.
    Now that I think of it, luging is hot.

    And he called me last night. I wonder what he wants. Do I call him back? Hmm...
  23. swenard

    swenard TRIBE Member

    I'm not gay!

    and I'm not paying the bill!

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