my hatred of souped up cars

Discussion in 'TRIBE Main Forum' started by SpinSugar, Jan 15, 2002.

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    So wait a minute here..

    If you guys are arguing that suping up the car with accessories is stoopid becouse it's not necesery or un practical ..

    Then why do you wear cloths that are unconfortable. why don't you buy like 7 pants and 7 shirts all the same and just ware them trough out the week and wash them on the end of the week couse if all it matters is practicality...

    I suped up my car becouse I actualy enjoyed the process if doing it. I enjoy racing at the light youst like you enjoy doing what ever you enjoy doing. So if it's not your cup of tea you should not put down people who enjoy it. altho I do admit that there are people who actualy take it ower board and put a HONDA TYP R sticker on a Shevy but that does not mean that all people who sup up cars are idiets.

    Litle P

    check out for some funy suped up cars.
  3. CC

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    ok, now this is a car. this can kick the shit out of 98% of the suped up pieces of shit on the road. i bet you could surprise a few ferraris in this. doesn't it do 0-60 in just under 5?

    i LOVE STATION WAGONS!!!! all the speed of a normal car, but all the room of a sport ute.

  4. Astroboy

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    Modding your car is a personal decision and while I don't appreciate large wings, coffee can exhausts or loads of stickers, I do realize that it's not my car, it's not my hard earned money, so why should I care, as long as I like my car...

    Astroboy out...





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    BS!!! We laugh at those cars all the time. [​IMG]
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    hey you, stfu [​IMG] I never said they weren't a source of constant amusement! [​IMG]
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    Guess what, it's also had a huge effect (the biggets of any industry bar none) in creating the abundence of pollution we have today. I say that all people who modify their exhaust to allow their engine to breathe, and us to breath more of their pollution, be required to spend their sundays cleaning up garbage in the Don River Valley.
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    Most modified exhausts are cat-back - they start at the catalytic converter so they do not produce any more emissions than a stock exhausts system. There are however people who remove the catyltyic converters; that's a big no-no.
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    Type R stickers shouldn't be on anything unless its a type R. In which case your car would have already come with a sticker. It's really lame that people will put these stickers wherever they can just because they think it looks cool.
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    ^^^ [​IMG] disasterous!!

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    now doesnt that car just look stupid.

    stupid i say.

    narissa [​IMG]
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    You mean these aren't real? [​IMG]


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    pfft way to go, master of the obvious. [​IMG]


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