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  1. tea_green

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    i think it's far more likely that the reduction in the number of smokers has more to do with society then with the government.
    Nobody thinks of smokers as 'sophisticated' anymore, people are more likely to see it as disgusting. we also know that it causes all kinds of diseases and health problems now. all those cool movie stars from the fifties dropped dead from lung cancer and emphysema. that's why people don't smoke as much anymore.
  2. tea_green

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  3. Tonedeff

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    I don't think people realize the full extent of the implications when they argue for blanket drug legalization. Like most notions born out of sixties radicalism, it's a groovy idea if you live on a commune called the Hog Farm and your kids have names like Lotus-Blossom and Miracle-Moon, but in the real world of everyday bathers it's not so far out, man.

    You do realize that the market tends to define its own levels in relation to any given commodity? Look no further than the mess drug companies are currently making with medically approved drugs like Prozac, Paxil, Rohypnol (never actually approved in the US), Oxycontin, any benzodiazepine... well shit I could build a whole RX list.

    If you start adding heroin, cocaine, and dirty serotonin antagonists like MDMA to the drugs that these companies can manufacture and promote on cable television, you've got the end of civilization within a couple of months. And if you suggest the government own the patents to these drugs and be responsible for their sale and distribution, then you're still going to have an underground network of illegal manufacturers competing and likely undercutting Big Brother.

    Oh, but harm reduction and education will save our dumbasses, you say. Because these strategies have worked so well with tobacco and alcohol? They are helping, certainly, but tobacco is still the number one cause of preventable death in the US. Alcohol related deaths? About a hundred thousand a year.
    Yes, give us more legal drugs, clearly most of us are conscientious enough to use them responsibly.

    I will go to the mountaintop for decriminalization, but legalization is strictly for the birds.

    I think I just spent a few paragraphs saying what PosTMOd said in two lines...
  4. beaker

    beaker TRIBE Member

    what is "most" of society? the baby boomers are still in power. don't they still represent the majority?

    as seeker alluded to, i really think that once these dinosaurs pass on, a lot of the attitudes they carried will pass on with them.
  5. Tonedeff

    Tonedeff TRIBE Member

    the most recent gallup poll found that 75% of Americans approved the use of the magical herb for medical use...I'm no mathematician, but I do believe that's a majority.
  6. beaker

    beaker TRIBE Member

    but that doesn't mean that 75% of people don't consider it to be a drug. it doesn't indicate at all that 75% of people would support the legalization or regulation of marijuana.

    wouldn't you think that the who have the most influence on this continent still have that skewed aversion to "drugs"? as long as they're running things, i don't see anything happening anytime soon.
  7. Subsonic Chronic

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    Full, outright legalization would bring a whole host of problems. And I would seriously object to the big pharmaceutical companies producing pills and whatnot for profit. (Mind you... they probably wouldn't have a hard time getting them approved considering Ritalin is legal and is practically the same as cocaine)

    But I think that decriminalization has its place, and that that is a much safer road to follow. Drugs not being produced by big business or the government, but still being ignored by the cops except in serious cases.

  8. Tonedeff

    Tonedeff TRIBE Member

    Granted, but the power structure isn't the only element with some nutty views on drugs; a lot of drug users are equally mislead/misleading on the subject (see marijuana is "not a drug" or "is harmless" posts).

    And the progress made with medical marijuana in the past few years I think is an indicator that even conservatives are relaxing their views on drugs. Marinol (synthetic THC for med use) was moved to schedule 3 a few years ago and eight states have effective medical marijauna laws now.

    Even Bush said he supports local control of marijuana laws while opposing medical use. He said something typically eloquent on the subject: "I believe each state can choose that decision as they so choose."

    hahaha go dubya
  9. Guest

    Guest Guest

    that's news to me.
    anyone know where I get me some ritalin?
  10. graham

    graham Well-Known Member

    yes, but time will soon reduce them to O's and Q's
  11. Tonedeff

    Tonedeff TRIBE Member

    if you can describe ADD symptoms to a doctor adequately they give it out like candy

    ritalin = methylphenidate, not really comparable to cocaine but a poor man's speed I guess
  12. Ditto Much

    Ditto Much TRIBE Member

    Yup $1 a pill.
  13. LoopeD

    LoopeD Well-Known Member

    Comparing Ritalin to *good* coocaine is a little like comparing ephedrine to E - it just ain't the same.

    Now Dexedrin? That's a kick to the booty!


  14. Tonedeff

    Tonedeff TRIBE Member

    desoxyn > dexedrine > adderall > ritalin


    please dont say things like that..even if you are joking..its too much of an issue in my family to see the humour in that.
  16. feisty boy

    feisty boy TRIBE Member

    sorry, but i think this argument is a load of crap....
    if people really want to get these drugs, they can get them. so i don't think you would see a HUGE increase in recreational drug use. people have this opinion that if drugs were legal, suddenly people would be doing 10 hits of acid and going to their job at the bank. i really don't think it's fear of the law, of even lack of availability, which stops most people from being etards 7 days a week.

    now think about how much is spent on cops fighting the drug war, on drug related court cases, on putting addicts in jail...

    maybe if the government spent even half that amount on PROPER education and, more importantly, good addiction TREATMENT programs, we would have less addicts.

    drug use and drug abuse/dependancy are two VERY different things. and yes, drug addicts need help. but they don't need to be thrown in jail, so they can come out even more fucked up, with a renewed hatred for mainstream society.
  17. PosTMOd

    PosTMOd Well-Known Member

    ^^^^ feisty boy... sounds exactly like what I've been spouting for years...

    The biggest problem is that people are fucking chickens when it comes to change... especially the idiots in charge, who are illogical on top of it all...

    We need more scientists in the goverment!

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