King Arhthur and the Knights of the Round Table

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  1. Re: back to the topic at hand....

    You mean the Crossbows right?

    From the Ministry of history buff.

    Prime Minister Highsteppa
  2. Rosey

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    Re: Re: back to the topic at hand....

    while i do not specifically recall crossbows in gladiator, yes that would have been ~300-400 years before they became known to the roman world.

    i meant the composite long bows - they existed then but were never used by the roman legions and were not common outside of africa until like 600 years later

    and the saddles on the horses had stirups - stirups were first used by the Franks about 500 years after the setting of gladiator

    from the ministry of if you are going to spend millions of dollars on a movie then PAY ATTENTION TO DETAIL YOU FUCKERS!!!!!
  3. Re: Re: Re: back to the topic at hand....

    First arena fight that supposed to a depiction of some battle or anthoner. The people fighting against Maximus had some people using revolving crossbows (ones that you could fire, pump like a shotgun and it would turn to another loaded bow). I thought this was hilarious. I kept expecting to see torches that said General Electric written on them.


    From the Ministry of didn't notice the rest of the stuff you remarked on. Thanks for the continuity/history lesson.

    Prime Minister Highsteppa
  4. Rosey

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    Re: Re: Re: Re: back to the topic at hand....

    oh yeah, i remember those....i didn't get so upset about those because by that point i was so annoyed with the movie in general that i'd thrown in the towel.

    the funny thing is one of my friends who saw it with me thought the stupidest part was in that scene (or the next?) where they formed a shield wall and advanced as a unit to flip the chariot. he felt that was totally stupid and unbelievable. to me that was one of the most realistic/plausible things in the movie.

    the roman legions conscripted and enlisted people of all races and walks of life, part of why they eventually started to fall was because for 700 years they took anybody who could swing a sword in, tought them tactics and some discipline and, if they lived, sent them home to the hills where they could teach those tactics to their cousins who turned around and kicked roman ass. to me it was completely believable that those other gladiators had experience with standard tactics of that day and age. to my friend he thought it was crap that they knew that.

    ^^^^ proof that ignorance is not bliss.
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    I love Excalibur. I actually bought the tape just so I can show it to people. (I don't even have a VCR)

    it's great.

    And a lot of the books are really good too.

    My favourite of the bunch (besides Merlin of course) is Percival. He's the guy who is loyal to the verry end, and the one who finds the grail (in some versions). He rocks.
  6. joey

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    i'll second that
  7. starr

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    The Once and Future King by T.H. White

    One of my favourite books
  8. Temper Tantrum

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    Actually my only aim in life is too be more like Tina, really. Everything I say or do is to worship the great godess she is.


    And I'm a taoist.


    PS thanks for the book recommendations guys :)
  9. joey

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    at least you are admitting it now....
  10. Temper Tantrum

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    Oh go find a cat joey ;)

  11. KiX

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    Don't forget to bring my Tao of Pooh book please.


  12. Temper Tantrum

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    Hey tina why don't you start an online journal?
    Hey tina why don't we plan a trip somewhere?
    Hey Tina why don't we burn ALL THOSE DAMN VEGGIE TALES.
    Hey Tina this is my ex boyfriend dave you guys will get along well.
    Hey Tina, I think that thing between you and you know who is going to work out well.

    You are getting beats woman. I'm not going to buy your damn wine :D

    Fucking chris doing his hair. I want to leave already.

    God this thread is hijacked.
  13. Temper Tantrum

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    And while were at it PUSSY TRANCE 24/7

    I'm leaving to come kick your ass now ;)
  14. KiX

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    Are you stopping to pierce your labret on the way? How about your nipples?


    Haha you're just mad cuz Dave calls me more than you.

  15. joey

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    don't you mean tins? :confused:
    and why no -ahs at the end?
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    whon whon

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