I am sick of 56K dialup.

Discussion in 'TRIBE Main Forum' started by quantumdj, Jan 28, 2002.

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    Personally I love dial up connection. I had dsl and cable but nothing can compare to dial up. It gives me time to think and eat between downloads I love it. The same thing they said about records when cd's came out and they are still around.
  2. Soundstream

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    Yes, Fido/Microcell. Ericcson T68 (with the HBH-15 headset).

    The usage plan for GPRS is not time based at all, which is good. You pay for bandwidth, which is fair. I just selected the option where you pay per KB of transfer, but if you want you can sign up for "packages" that allow a certain number of KB transfered per month (at a reduced rate).

    Cheers ... Ian [​IMG]
  3. labRat

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    loser, you got the new BT headset. i was going to buy that phone - but i heard the antenna gets poor reception since it's one of the first embedded antenna design from Ericsson.

    i may be getting the T66, or T39 soon.

  4. Soundstream

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    The T39 is ancient. It's BT support requires an external add-on module. I haven't heard of the T66. Maybe I have ... is it one of those ones that has like ... what's the name for it ... ummm... oh, yeah, monochrome screens? [​IMG]

    The reception is excellent on the T68 though. I was a little worried for the same reason though. It's no worse than my old Nokia 8890 which I never had a problem with.

    But the BT claim of a 10 metre operating radius is a bit of an exageration. Anything more than like 5 metres gets a bit staticy.

    Cheers ... Ian [​IMG]
  5. labRat

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    i think you're referring to the T29, the T39 has bluetooth built in like the R520 and yours except in the t29 form factor. but it has the tiny screen like the t29.

    the t66 has a larger greayscale screen and is smaller than a credit card, tri-band, etc. sweet phone, but no bluetooth. it's not on their site, but if you search for it there are a lot of references to it.

  6. Variant

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    what do you need a 3meg pipe at home for when you sit on OC-3 for 8 hours a day?
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    I'm sorry, sir, but the thread police have designated this as an "english language only" zone. You are in violation.
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    My roommate wants it... I'm totally content with Rogers.


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