Hugest European conspiracy just uncovered...

Discussion in 'TRIBE Main Forum' started by PosTMOd, Mar 9, 2002.

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    p.s. (is repeating the word tautology tautological in and of itself? hmnn...)
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    Mary McAleese is now the head of human right s for the UN. If there was a president of the world I'd vote for her :)

    And Bertie Ahern went to high school with my dad too. But anyways what was this thread aboot?
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    Actually Presidents renounce their religion upon inauguration, so in truth, they are Agnostic, by law.

    I don't really know how it effects them or how they are allowed to conduct things from that point. Truthfully tho, I think it doesn't really change anything, just a term for non-liability's sake.
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    i dont know how much insight this thread is supposed to provide but unless none of you noticed, with the exception of alabania all the countries mentioned are christian countries. i think you should be looking for conspiracies elsewhere
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    oops bosnia as well
  8. sen

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    you guys are too much...

    while were at it why don't we just bash those cheap jews or those muslims terrorists?

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    um, have you ever heard of the concepts of sarcasm or satire?

    i *really* suggest you look into it.
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    besides, its not as if any of the 'Christian' rulers follow a Christian moral code while in office... examples:

    Bill Clinton - episcopalian (or something, its a Christian sect) did he follow Christian values?

    Has Tony Blair, Jean Chrietien or George W Bush follow Christian ethics?

    They are really Christian at all....
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    hey sen, why don't you take a gander at this thread before you get too uppity about PosTMOd's little joke here.

    the resident cheap jew

    p.s. i just got back from counting gold bars in the basement of my synagogue.
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    I'm working them into my Modest Proposal.
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    They are taking over the world, I think. Fuck thinking the Jews are running the media and Hollywood... I have listed the heads of European countries below, and they are all CHRISTIAN

    most of europe is of christian faith .. why would this surprise you?

    christianity has many different forms .. in this list there are many examples of countries whose people are predominantly of catholic and orthodox faiths ... in general, the leaders of a country are representative of it's people

    germany will probably never have a buddhist leader

    croatia will never have a muslim leader

    russia will never have a pagan leader

    yugoslavia will never have an islamic leader


    this list / idea is obviously a joke

    jokes like these kind of make me mad

    "lets pick on christianity because we don't believe in it"

    give it a rest already.

    there must be SOME merit in religion and culture if it was lasted for so long ...

    picking on chrisitianity or any other religion in general is like making fun of one's culture

    would you also say most middle eastern asian countries are also led predominantly by christian leaders?


    the meaningless list:


    Albania: President Rexhep MEJDANI, Prime Minister Ilir META
    Andorra: Co-Princes: Bishop Joan Marti ALANIS, and Jacques CHIRAC Prime Minister Marc Molne FORNE
    Austria: President Thomas KLESTIL Chancellor Wolfgang SCHUESSEL
    Belarus: President Alaksandr LUKASHENKA Prime Minister Uladzimir YARMOSHYN
    Belgium: King Albert II Prime Minister Guy VERHOFSTADT
    Bosnia and Herzegovina: National Presidency: Alija IZETBEGOVIC (Muslim), Zivko RADISIC (Serb), Ante JELAVIC (Croat)
    Bulgaria: President Petar STOYANOV Prime Minister Ivan KOSTOV
    Croatia: President Stjepan MESIC Prime Minister Ivica RACAN
    Cyprus: President Glafcos CLERIDES Deputy Minister to the President Pandelis KOUROS
    Czech Republic: President Vaclav HAVEL Prime Minister Milos ZEMAN
    Denmark: Queen Margrethe II Prime Minister Poul Nyrup RASMUSSEN
    Estonia: President Lennart MERI Prime Minister Mart LAAR
    Finland: President Tarja HALONEN AHTISAARI Prime Minister Paavo LIPPONEN
    France: President Jacques CHIRAC Prime Minister Lionel JOSPIN
    Germany: President Johannes RAU Chancellor Gerhard SCHROEDER
    Greece (Hellenic Republic): President Konstandinos STEFANOPOULOS Prime Minister Konstandinos SIMITIS
    Holy See: Pope John Paul II (Karol WOJTYLA) Secretary of State Cardinal Angelo SODANO
    Hungary: President Ferencz MADL Prime Minister Viktor ORBAN
    Iceland: President Olafur Ragnar GRIMSSON Prime Minister David ODDSSON
    Ireland: President Mary MCALEESE Prime Minister Bertie AHERN
    Italy: President Carlo Azeglio CIAMPI Prime Minister Giuliano AMATO
    Latvia: President Vaira VIKE-FREIBERGA Prime Minister Andris BERZINS
    Liechtenstein: Prince Hans-Adam II Mario FRICK
    Lithuania: President Valdas ADAMKUS Prime Minister Andrius Kubilius
    Luxembourg: Grand Duke Jean Prime Minister Jean-Claude JUNCKER
    Macedonia: President Boris TRAJKOVSKI Prime Minster Ljubco GEORGIEVSKI
    Malta: President Guido DE MARCO Prime Minister Edward FENECH-ADAMI
    Moldova: President Petru LUCINSCHI Prime Minister Dimitru BRAGHIS
    Monaco: Prince Rainier III Minister of State Patrick LECLERCQ
    Netherlands: Queen of the Netherlands Princess Beatrix of the Netherlands Prime Minister Willem (Wim) KOK
    Norway: King Harald V Prime Minister Jens STOLTENBERG
    Poland: President Aleksander KWASNIEWSKI Prime Minister Jerzy BUZEK
    Portugal: President Jorge SAMPAIO Prime Minister Antonio GUTERRES
    Romania: President Emil CONSTANTINESCU Prime Minister Mugur ISARESCU
    Russia: President Vladimir PUTIN Prime Minister Mikhail KASYANOV
    San Marino Captain Regents (Joint Chiefs of State): Lois FRANCINI, and Alberto CECCHETTI
    Slovakia: President Rudolf SCHUSTER Prime Minister Mikulas DZURINDA
    Slovenia: President Milan KUCAN Prime Minister Janez DRNOVSEK
    Spain: King Juan Carlos I de BORBON y BORBON Prime Minister Jose Maria AZNAR
    Sweden: King Carl XVI Gustaf Prime Minister Goran PERSSON
    Switzerland: President Adolf OGI Chancellor Annemarie HUBER-HOTZ
    Ukraine: President Leonid KUCHMA Prime Minister Ivan PLUSHCH
    United Kingdom: Queen Elizabeth II Prime Minister Tony BLAIR
    Yugoslavia: President Slobodan MILOSEVIC Prime Minister Momir BULATOVIC
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    Ahaha!!! This thread is too funny. :D

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    Crap crappin' crap.
    I always forget to log Johane out before posting.

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    Re: Re: Hugest European conspiracy just uncovered...

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    sheep go bah not blah
  19. zoo

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    in your opinion, that may be satire

    in my mom's opinion, the t.v show "FRIENDS" is too risque to be considered satire

    you're not hurting my feelings

    you're just saying stupid things

    i don't *really* care

    it's the game of "you say stupid things, i say smart things"

    i'm sure you're having fun saying stupid things, and having people reply with serious answers

    it's funny, i've done it countless times

    but when does it get old?

    how much longer are you going to play the tbk overly sarcastic caricature?

    the lash was more personal than on subject.

  20. zoo

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    Re: Re: Re: Hugest European conspiracy just uncovered...

    you're last post was as effective as calling me a turnip would be.

    in the same respect, i could quote you as saying you were simply some outlandish muslim terrorist trying to de-christianize americans
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    I prefer to refer to it as 'the vatican'.


    does YOUR religion have a website?

    cut me some slack, bitch
  22. Jeffsus

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    zoo, you'r comments are not valid because you are not catholic.
    That means your not a real christian.
    Just some imposter christian.
    We invented hell for heretics like you.
    Unfortunately, we can't burn you any more since, even though it is still an effective way to purge your heretic soul of intrinsic sin, it is now illegal.

    damn protestant laws.
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    Re: Re: Hugest European conspiracy just uncovered...

    You are hired.

    We need people like you, with your crack investigative journalism skills.

    I see a Pulitzer Prize in your future.
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    Re: Re: Re: Re: Hugest European conspiracy just uncovered...

    You are a turnip?

    NNNNnoooooooooooo...... it can't be... I should have known this from the start...

    Fucking vegetables... they get me every single time.
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    Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Hugest European conspiracy just uncovered...


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