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How to deal with Tweakers

Discussion in 'TRIBE Main Forum' started by kaniz, Dec 12, 2005.

  1. kaniz

    kaniz TRIBE Member

    This gives us a nice list of 'how to deal with tweakers'.


  2. Rataxès

    Rataxès TRIBE Member

    I think they left out:

    * Don't get them wet
    * Don't feed them after midnight
  3. L'ilMisSunshine

    L'ilMisSunshine TRIBE Member

    *backs slowly away from kaniz with hands by my side*
  4. janiecakes

    janiecakes TRIBE Member

  5. biologik

    biologik TRIBE Member

  6. Taro

    Taro TRIBE Member

    ^yeah I totally thought the same thing..
  7. daddyiwantchocolate

    daddyiwantchocolate TRIBE Member

    Okay, so that's not actually a joke?!

    and LOL @ Rataxes - awesome.
  8. kaniz

    kaniz TRIBE Member

    One must wonder

    - How do I deal with a tweaker, while holding glow sticks? Suggestions two and five come into direct conflict

    Combined with the fact that "They may also be present at raves or parties.", this is something that is bound to happen?

    Do I keep holding my glow sticks? do I throw them away quickly? will he be distracted by the quick moving glow sticks and attack them? or will he attack me for moving quickly to throw them?

    quick, someone please advise!
  9. nawberry

    nawberry TRIBE Member

    I wonder if they ever considered the fact that a person may be acting slightly paranoid due to the fact that he/she is approached out-of-the-blue by this weird, slow talking yet multi-question popping, hand-displaying, baratone faking fool, whom despite being in the dark, refuses to come close enough to be fully seen, yet insists on maintaining a conversation.

    I want to see the list of things a tweaker should do to deal with someone who thinks this sort of list is useful.


    1. pretend that you appreciate the fact that he/she is speaking slowly as this is a comfort to them.

    2. Be sure to keep a constant dialogue with them as they are frightened by awkward silences.

    ..and so on...
  10. Krzysiu

    Krzysiu TRIBE Member

    while high, go for dim sum with Stir Fry and Vinder... its hilarious!
  11. nawberry

    nawberry TRIBE Member

    I am shocked that the Prairie View Prevention Council's website has the appearance of having a slight anti-drug bias.

    I expect balanced reporting from the Prairie Council, an example of which are my two favourite articles by them from last month's issue:

    1) Are the 2005 Saskatchewan Roughriders better than the 2005 Colt's? Yes!

    2) French Lick, Indiana-- North America's Dubai, with down home protestant values
  12. stir-fry

    stir-fry TRIBE Member

    Just don't keep me waiting!

    :mad: :D
  13. nawberry

    nawberry TRIBE Member

    This is also from that site:

    People who are on Meth will show one or more of the following signs:

    -Thin from weight loss

    -Pale face

    -High body temperature with excessive sweating from cooking their internal organs

    -Dental decay

    -Body odor of glue or mayonnaise

    -Acne type sores from scratching


    My question is:

    Who smells like mayonaise?
  14. deafplayer

    deafplayer TRIBE Member

    Re: Re: How to deal with Tweakers


    "A closer look will reveal eye movement ten times faster than normal, ":eek:
  15. depraved

    depraved TRIBE Member

    I like my internal organs cooked al dente
  16. derek

    derek TRIBE Member

    i saw a pack while hiking in the jungle around spadina & college. it is important to remain calm, and under no circumstances run, that sets off their predatory instinct. make yourself small, and back away slowly. if that doesn't work, twitch, speak erratically, and enage them inane conversation. they;ll continue on for hours, once distracted make your escape slowly.

    don't forget you camera! tweakers are an endangered species.
  17. nawberry

    nawberry TRIBE Member

    I never really had an interest in trying crystal before, but having now learned that meth usage may result in me smelling like delicious mayo 24/7 I am reconsidering.

    I wonder what someone who is addicted to eating mayonnaise smells like?
  18. mingster

    mingster TRIBE Member

    why the rolleyes? none of it seems overly preachy or unreasonable to me. meth is a big problem out there, ya know? it's probably useful for the everyday non-druggie to know how to identify a user and how not to freak one out? especially if they are looking for info on how to deal with a family member, or someone close to them.
  19. MissBlu

    MissBlu TRIBE Member

    I have never had any real use for Tweakers...
    Although highly amusing (sometimes)...

    I wonder though, do they smell like Miracle Whip or Hellmans???
  20. Big League Chu

    Big League Chu TRIBE Member

    depends how much candy they're eating. If they eat a lot, the sugar content will make them smell like miracle whip :D
  21. oh toro

    oh toro TRIBE Member

    the best way to deal with tweakers is to create a thread that attracts tweakers and let them hang out in it
  22. kaniz

    kaniz TRIBE Member

    Re: Re: How to deal with Tweakers


    i was going to make a longer post, but felt rolleyes summed it up better
  23. faunty

    faunty TRIBE Member


  24. VinylRach

    VinylRach TRIBE Promoter

    glad i dont do that shit.
  25. groovespinna

    groovespinna TRIBE Member

    it's really nothing like anything described up there. let's see what I can remember from 99.....

    maybe the eye thing is true. other than that, you talk and talk and talk and fucking talk more, not too fast. you dont need people to speak differently than they normally would. if you have a gf that happens to be joining you on your bender, you WILL have the best fucking sex of your life, bar none. this will actually teach you how to become a better lover in the rest of your non high life. you never really argue ON the drug, the personality change comes a couple days after you're done. and that goes away fast too. you will eat NOTHING. Ive force fed myself some broth before because I had the presence of mind to know I needed 'something'. after a while, you need to sketch out. everyone has their own methods. mine was downloading things. songs, porn, etc. I never watched or listened to anything at the time, but the downloading was the thing to keep me occupied.
    I have work to do. I'll add more truth later.

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