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    I LOVED Memento but some of my friends didn't....so after they watched it once I had them do a test.

    Step 1: Roll up a 'fattie'
    Step 2: Rent Memento
    (on 2nd thought, reverse Steps 1 and 2)
    Step 3: Smoke 'fattie'
    Step 4: Watch Memento with at least 3 high friends in the dark (to keep the room quiet during the movie)
    Step 5: Discuss ending

    I found the movie was much better when I had people to discuss it with after watching, you pick up on more and the experience is hightened.

    My opinion.....
  2. stir-fry

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    it's been a while since i seen it, but i had a friend hype it up for months before i finally gave in and watched it.. to tell you the truth, if someone hypes up a movie like that it usually ruins it for me, no matter how good the movie is/was.

    anyway i liked the idea of the movie going 'backwards' and all, but i couldn't stand the overlap of scenes.. the part in the middle, where he keeps going to the car, and it lasts like 5 chapters (just a guess, possible exaggeration), completely bored me to death and i refused to follow the movie closely after that.

    maybe one day i'll watch it again and appreciate it for something i might have missed the first time, but for now, i still think it sucks.
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    unbreakable was ass.

  4. I hear ya. I sometimes get promo and press kits for films that are coming up and you should read some of the outrageous claims they make (ie Pearl Harbour)

    For me, the telling the story backwards is the best thing about it, and the fact that it's original enough to try something like that (which is pretty tough, since you're in theory showing the climax and working completely downhill). But originality scores big with me, and hence my reason for liking it so much. I also found the acting to be amazing, as Carrie Ann Moss and Joe Pantoliano both managed to convey convincing lies, but with something off about them, or they were holding something back. Guy Pearce, though, was superb, imo. He turned what could have been a pretty one note performance into a multifaceted and multidimensional tour de force.

    And I don't know, I really liked the fact that the film kept me guessing as to whether or not Leonard Shelby had killed the right person or not. Kinda proves the filmmaking theory of it's not always the ending that makes the movie interesting. It's how they got there.

    Hope so, cause I found it a joy to watch and a real treat. I've felt the same way about some films, and then discovered how good they were given a bit of time. :)

    From the Ministry of please do not think of me saying you're wrong. You're not. Just wanted to share my thoughts in exchange for yours.

    Prime Minister Highsteppa
  5. Unbreakable was good.

    From the Ministry of disagree.

    Prime Minister Highsteppa -> we are taking this thread to Cuba.
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    My thoughts:

    Pest: after how you insulted other people around here, you get no sympathy. NONE. You may not be a bigot or a racist, but you sure as hell act like one. If you fucking walk like a duck, and talk like one, in my books you're as good as roasted poultry, my friend. Now FUCK OFF.

    Memento: I think I didn't watch it properly....might give it another try.
    But I feel that it lost some of it's pull towards the middle.

    Now, if only we could all just erase Pest from out memories.....

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    . <----- That dot is the size of the hemorrhoid (i.e. Pest).

    The memory of that hemmorhoid is a billionth of that size.

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