Favorite SEX positions

Discussion in 'TRIBE Main Forum' started by air-bag, Jan 21, 2002.

  1. Cheer Bear

    Cheer Bear TRIBE Member

    1. On Top
    2. Doggy Style
    3. Legs over shoulders/behind my head hitting the head board and other objects styles


  2. deep

    deep TRIBE Member

    in no particular order since variety is the spice of life

    - hitting it up from behind : hands free to give attention to the little red button of the nuke of orgasm, or go all over her body, pull her up close to you and kiss her neck, grab her hands and pull her backwards into you

    - on her back with the back of her legs resting on your shoulders. also known as "cervix trauma"

    - good ol' missionary : still nothing like being wrapped up in each other's embrace/kiss/legs, pounding through the headboard and the wall behind it

    - woman on top : something to be said for seeing a woman go buck wild fucking herself on you

    - at the edge of the bed, guy standing and girl on her back : can get a bit more power this way and give the kneecaps a bit of a break

    - seated at the edge of the bed : arms behind her so she can arch her back
  3. outofcontrol

    outofcontrol TRIBE Member

    thats what it's all about right there!
  4. deep

    deep TRIBE Member

    another one : guy on top, girl on bottom, no thrusting, but instead aligning your pelvic bone with her clit, grabbing a hold of something with your hand, hooking your foot around the edge of the bed, and grinding
  5. I tried this and the blow up doll ruptured...

    Now I'm out $100.00 [​IMG]

    From the Ministry of you should've seen her fly around the room.

    Prime Minister Highsteppa
  6. deep

    deep TRIBE Member

    shoulda spent your money wisely the first time and bought quality
  7. Booty Bits

    Booty Bits TRIBE Member

    since talking about sexual positions is much more interesting than talking about message board politics...

    1) girl lying down on her stomach, guy on top of her, but with his legs on the outside and the girl's legs pressed together.
    total sausage in the bun action.

    2) girl on top, hands on the guy's chest propping her up, guy slightly raising his pelvic bone (is that the proper term?) and girl rockin' out on it.

    3) face down, ass up...
    no seriously.

    4) girl sitting on a girl/guy's face. so its not intercourse per se but its damn fun.
  8. deep

    deep TRIBE Member

    yeap, that's the right term. reminds me of another one, girl on top, guys knees bent so she can lean back slightly, increases contact to the important areas of the nawty bits
  9. t-boy

    t-boy TRIBE Member

    haha girl you nailed it right on the head..

    *high five*

    ahh my poor inferior weewee.. so true [​IMG]
  10. t-boy

    t-boy TRIBE Member



    the hottest thing is when the girl pushes you down on the bed, pins your arms down with her feet, and just sits right on that slobbering mouth and starts grinding away... ahh pure heaven. Sure its hard to breathe well, but its a sacrifice I'm ALWAYS willing to take [​IMG]
  11. orange richie

    orange richie TRIBE Member

    Hahahahaha!!! [​IMG]

    That's the first good laugh I had all day!

    - If a girl is wearing a skirt. Take off the panties (or move them aside) and do it with her on top. Sex with clothes on is damn sexy and a good way to get a quicky in if there's people in the house.

    - Doing a girl from behind and watching her beautiful ass! You also get to bite/kiss her neck and back. There's also plenty of variations a couple can have fun with with this position.

    - Guy standing up, girl on table, washing machine, stove, whatever... Good cuz it's intimate and dirty and you can do it anywhere.

    This list can go on...

    Rickardo Belmiro de la Cruz...
  12. DJ Doublecross

    DJ Doublecross TRIBE Member

    I like the one where the guy's hand is on the pink thing, but his other hand is on that red area... meanwhile one foot is on the carpet, while the other foot is trying to get over her shoulder... and she's got her hands on the black patch, and her foot up in the blue area....

    No wait, that's twister.

  13. kate

    kate TRIBE Member

  14. echootje

    echootje TRIBE Member

    I like all these positions:

  15. echootje

    echootje TRIBE Member



    why dont you stop already with trying to trick everyone and taking it upon yourself to dictate to them what they are allowed to do/say? all the while trying to make yourself look like some intelligent, higher form of tribe memeber by posting shit like this? fuck, the tribe police is annoying enough, nevermind threads of entrapment. you got us alex, we just arent as sophisticated as you. [​IMG]

    best position for sex? doesnt matter..just as long is it's fucking dirty, hard, sweaty, raunchy sex...but opps this isn't the place to talk about that...
  17. Lexicon

    Lexicon TRIBE Member


  18. mutslaster

    mutslaster TRIBE Member

    rob is fuck funny.
  19. mystique0217

    mystique0217 TRIBE Member

    you should try it [​IMG]cause you see, only littel girls like us can do it [​IMG] hehe
  20. noisy

    noisy TRIBE Member

    I realize this is a joke, but here's a big fat [​IMG] anyway. I'm wondering if there's a connection between your earlier post in this thread that said something to the effect that the only action you're presently getting comes from your left hand and comments like this. [​IMG]

    On a more serious note, it's attitudes like these (real ones, not just jokes) that can make heterosexual sex just plain tedious. . . way too dick-centred. Yes, the positions are all lots of fun, doing things with your "special little guy" is fun, but for chissakes, the dick is not the bloody holy grail. The most boring sex I can imagine is with a guy who thinks sex consists of nothing more than finding convenient places to stick his trouser monster into.

    Different positions, etc. are all good, but good sex is so much more.
  21. KiX

    KiX TRIBE Member

    YES. I think i'm in love.

  22. mystique0217

    mystique0217 TRIBE Member


    what i enjoy most of anything when i can just cuddle into sleep after the hard work and explosion holding hands..and just fall into sleep...

    and to have a snack with the bed head after a nap is also sweet.

    all of this has nothing to do with sex positions, but sex to me means sharing invisible energy and intimacy...

    so i am posting this message here.

    intimacy and open communication rule [​IMG]
  23. starr

    starr TRIBE Member

    mmm, sitting.
    best. position. evar.
  24. air-bag

    air-bag TRIBE Member

    ah well.. if you cant beat them join them [​IMG]

    For me the visual aspect is the biggest and most important stimulation so i like any position with a nice view. It obviously helps alot if the girl has a great body.. otherwise i function rather poorly [​IMG]

    Also I never have patience for a single position and i like frequently switching to new kinky stuff. It could be a slightly awkward situation thou since it's hard to explain to the partner what exactly do you have in mind. "put your leg here..OOOUCH.. no no i meant there" Well usually it is done silently and less painfully [​IMG] but still.. unvonventional sex positions could be rather hard to communicate.

    About kissing - I have an issue with kissing girls that i dont feel emotional attraction to. I can sleep with any girl in a second, but I simply cant passionately kiss someone i dont have feelings for.

    I also like dominanc: Handcuffs/blindfolds are my favorite weapons. Massages are a must of course. They increase erotic tension as well as blood flow.
  25. Stan

    Stan TRIBE Member

    What percentage of people just read the title of a thread and reply to it without actually reading any of the posts???

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