fashion faux pas?

Discussion in 'TRIBE Main Forum' started by Mr_Furious, Feb 24, 2002.

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    I think they're fabulous. Monika thinks so too.


    Thanks to KiFe for strategic assistance.
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    Your pointing out of another example of pretention doesn't do anything to address the central issue, the lack of meaningful impact on human existence by fashion. So without making a meaningful impact on human existence I don't see the justification in pretention or elitism. Even then, people who do actually make a difference in the state of society don't let it go to their heads. Which makes it all the more irritating when something as irrelevant in the grand scheme of things as fashion is used as a method of assessing a person's worth.

    I don't think it's hypocritical to not feel a need to deify the fashion industry more than it does to itself. Clothes are clothes, yes fashion trends are in part determined by the designers, but where do the designers in turn get their ideas (see your point about fashion houses being influenced by what's happening on the streets). It's a chicken or the egg issue. Most importantly : if Person A: dressed well in clothes possibly influenced by fashion trends at the time and Person B : dressed well in clothes directly made by a designer . Difference to me : 0. Style is who you are, not just what you wear.

    Never suggested otherwise. But you won't catch me worshipping at the feet of Gauthier or Versace when people are curing diseases out there.
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    yeah the majority of the people in the industry are pretentious wankers but that doesn't mean it's irrelevant.
    but i'm not going to get into this...
    i only know i will lose the argument *sigh*
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    Re: Re: manitou

    Hahahahaha Laura was a loser!
  6. Cheeka

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    thanks sweetie :)
    that's an even bigger compliment coming from someone who is always totally stylin' himself!!!!
    hmmm - time for us to open up a boutique - yorkville say wha'??

  7. MoFo

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    We can call it Sunshine Cheeka!
    And no one with running shoes can get in. :D
  8. Cheeka

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    hee hee - YES :D!!!

    that is seriously what I want to do ultimately - open a boutique with a spa down there.
    hmm I just need someone to bank roll it... and of course find a solid partner with sick stylez ;)!!!
    so 1 down.... 1 to go
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    The new Fendi line is totally stylin, I love the clean sleek classic look of it.



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    OMG. so bang on its crazy!
    nice one kate!

    picture packs of 10 of these girls plus 10 boyz, all with their parents luxury sport utitilies vehicles parked illegally....all standing around on the street corner outside of second cup and you have my old neighbourhood.

    lemme tell you, i got some weird looks as i would try and walk through the group to go into second cup.

    and this type of is the type of girl i work with now...only their work day uniform is the tight, low slung jean with the point boot, the same purse, hair clip and tiffany's bracelat. too much. i can't handle it.
    these girls think my haircut is 'interesting' and get over the fact i have fun purses and 'funky' jewellry.

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    yes you guys do.
    i have the cuff bug too.
    i have about 5 and i love them.

    currently my most fave is my red one (atho, its cheap leather and smells slightly like fish) that matches on so smashingly wiht my red handbag.
    damn i love them!

  12. Angeles

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    Re: Re: Re: manitou

    Yeah, well...You Suck!

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