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Famous homeless people in Toronto

Discussion in 'TRIBE Main Forum' started by scott, Oct 3, 2005.

  1. Kalemic

    Kalemic TRIBE Promoter

    What about blind, screaming like his very soul is being consumed by Beelzebub man at Younge and College?
  2. gak

    gak TRIBE Member

    ...20-30 something guy...very muscular (usually has his shirt off) wears a santa's hat and wishes everyone a merry christmas (even in July)...
  3. KickIT

    KickIT TRIBE Member

    that's ZANTA! dude's hillarious. loves to flex and work out at Queen & Bay.
  4. rubytuesday

    rubytuesday TRIBE Member

    A few years ago I was getting on the streetcar there and someone was trying to comfort him and figure out wtf was wrong. The screaming's not as grating a noise as baby squealing, but definitely more disturbing.

    My fave is this black guy that was hanging out by the Queen side of Eaton centre, calling all of the women walking by ho's and ragging on materialism.
  5. kate

    kate TRIBE Member

    I live a few doors down from the drake and if i go to bed early on a saturday i can hear him singing as he cruises by.

    We did a photoshoot for vice outside my boyfriends bar and store one saturday night at 3:30 am and we saw him on the friday andasked him to come by and to "get dressed up". BOY OH BOY did he take that seriously- playa was done up!!!!!
  6. pen_devil

    pen_devil TRIBE Member

    that black 80's dude has the habit of running into bars, chugging down some unlucky stunned boyfriend's (whos too nice to tell him off in front of is girl) pint and then running out

    that bearded redhaired guy in a kilt is a washes window and I don't think he's homeless

    there's a tall skinny black crackhead who constantly walks up and down bloor between spadina and bathurst. I call him the goldfish man cause you'll see him on his way west and decline sparing him change, then on his way back east he would've forgotten you and ask you again for the first time
  7. Gizmo

    Gizmo TRIBE Member

    K Clark's run for mayor were hilarious. Especially outside the ACC at Raptor games. Haven't seen him in a while though.
  8. FoxyM

    FoxyM TRIBE Member

    I think i may have seen this guy before too (riding the King streetcar and down by the Molson Amphitheatre). Last time I saw hime he was wearing a fun fur hat, a long cape and carrying a cross (it was as tall as him and made out of bamboo i believe). He came into the streetcar proclaiming to be black jesus and sang us all a song about how Osama bin Ladin was going to come and slit everyone's throats in our sleep. Then he went on to talk about how white people must be horrified when they see their shit for the first time because it's brown and how they were always taught that they were white and now there was brown shit coming out of their asses. yep... entertaining.
    He apparently liked my hair.
  9. nawberry

    nawberry TRIBE Member

    She is, in many ways, your type.
  10. Michlerish

    Michlerish Well-Known TRIBEr

    The homeless Rick James, wearing a tight red pleather jacket and pants that are too small for him, with long scraggly hair.

    The Homeless Jedi in the entertainment district.

    The guy that sleeps in boxes and paints the sidewalk with chalk in the financial district.

    The really nice guy on the west side of Yonge, just north of King, who smiles then says "Mam, do you have any change you could spare?" and when anyone says "No, sorry" He says "Thank you, have a good day!"

    That weird guy who wears a long white linen robe and a giant leaf over his face with eye holes cut out. He walks around carrying a dish soap bottle, with which he sprays some liquid on the sidewalk and then uses his hand to smear it into the word "JESUS". I've seen him on King east of Yonge, and around the Eaton Centre.

    That tall old man that wears white dress pants and a white dress shirt, he has all white hair, and his hair is very matted in the back of his head. I just see him wandering around all the time.

    That old black man wearing the army green winter coat with super matted hair in the back. I see him EVERYWHERE in the city
  11. nawberry

    nawberry TRIBE Member

    I seriously saw a sticker lady two weeks ago that I have seen many times before. She always wears a black hat and tells you that you a cute/hot/good looking. If that is the one who you guys are talking about too then she is still around (or returning for a business trip).
  12. acheron

    acheron TRIBE Member

    I always liked (and hated) the little guy with the electronic keyboard at Yonge & Eglinton who was obviously differently abled in a mental way, who would play the same FUCKING SONG over and over and over...
  13. graham

    graham Well-Known TRIBEr

    don't forget sleepy joe
  14. kmac

    kmac TRIBE Member

    I just saw the guy who I like to call Crackhead Moses at Queen/Spadina the other day. I don't know if he's homeless (he worked at So Hip It Hurts at one point for about a week), but he mostly hangs around Queen West. He has a lot of jokes to share (and uses props to tell them) and sometimes he has a picture of Jesus hung around his neck.

    When I used to work on Queen, he'd come into my store and ask me to go on lunch dates with him but that I would have to wear running shoes because we'd be dining and dashing.

    Love that guy!
  15. Kinger

    Kinger TRIBE Member

    That could be anyone.
  16. scott

    scott TRIBE Member

    that's her. i just tried to look up the story but it has been archived.

  17. kmac

    kmac TRIBE Member

    Oh, and I thought it was shaky lady who got found out, not sticker lady? Unless they both did.
  18. scott

    scott TRIBE Member

    ya, they both did.
  19. nawberry

    nawberry TRIBE Member

  20. litespeed

    litespeed Well-Known TRIBEr

    I had some lady approach me with stickers last week.
  21. rizzlah

    rizzlah TRIBE Member

    there's don (?) @ yonge & eglinton that pulls up in a wheelchair with a small boombox and listens to the country chanel while playing his tambourine to the beat...

    he's there wednesdays to fridays i think. he takes monday and tuesday off. apparently he's married and has a home though so i dont' know if he counts? his teeth are perfect and his change cup says: thanks!
  22. coleridge

    coleridge TRIBE Member

    Is this the same guy that pounds away on the Fisher Price xylophone non-stop? I see him at Bloor&Bay or Yonge&Richmond.
  23. kaniz

    kaniz TRIBE Member

    Yellow Jacket Man
    - One day when riding on the TTC back from I think Sud'99, this older guy in a big puffy yellow jacket gets on the street car. He then starts asking the bus driver if he's gotten his blood tested rescently, and then asks Faunty for a sip of water, I give the water to him, he never offers it back (not like we'd want it back anyways, but hey - atleast offer). All around generally creepy and scary.

    - Later, I am on the Lawerence bus heading towards my office, he's waiting at the duffrin stop, there was a lineup to get into the bus infront of him, he pushes though the line, knocks over some older asian lady (knocked her off the steps, she fell onto the ground) and gets onto the bus. Some other person was standing up on the outside seat to let another person in to sit next to them, he ninjas his way in and steals the seat of the person who had stood up and then gives a "what? I was sitting here the entire time" kind of look and creates a scene.

    He then gets off at the very next stop (same stop as me) and walks back up towards Duffrin.

    Seen him a few other times in less-crazy form, but still seeming a bit nutters.

    Then - the high-pitched "you got any chaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaange" lady on Parliment who often sits infront of the No Frills.

    - Rat Man at the corner of Queen/University

    Various characters in Allen Gardens, the most memorable being the farting fat lady - I have yet to see her since that night.

    - Jumping up and down crazy bouncing on ass person infront of the church at Jarvis and Gerrard, I've seen this person two more times since my mushroom night, generally jumping/stomping/etc up a storm on the doorsteps of the church.
  24. FoxyM

    FoxyM TRIBE Member

    I've seen this guy around. (Ossington bus and Keele Street bus) I once heard him talking about blood to the bus driver and about how everyone should be donating blood and how he'd just donated a bunch of blood. I've also seen him ask someone for water before too (and keep the water bottle once they give it to him).
  25. eLeKTRon

    eLeKTRon TRIBE Member

    don't forget he plays a mean set of spoons, as well.

    In a loud, pleading voice, she silences entire subway cars packed with commuters. She appraoches every single person on the car, up close: "CAN YOU SPARE SOME CHAAANGE? I AM SOOOO HUNGRY. ALL I WANT IS SOME FOOOOD. PLEEEASSSE."

    I have yet to see one person give her a penny.

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