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    That's the (crap) attitude I had to deal with from my friends during university, who all lived downtown.

    I lived near Runnymede station during this time.

    That's still the Old City of Toronto.

    .... and it's about a 10 minute subway ride from St. George station.

    Living downtown sounds fabulous, but living slightly away from it is more my cup of tea. "Slightly away" means within walking distance of a subway station, one that is within 15 minutes of "downtown."



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  2. burbs suck.

    Everything I want and need is downtown at cheaper prices.

    From the Ministry of that's why it sucks.

    Prime Minister Highsteppa (lives on the subway line)


    that sounds about right. i dont even know what exists beyond bloor. :)
    although where is the no frills? or do you mean the valu mart in the manulife center? i didnt know there was a grocery store closer than the dominion at church and gould(ish)?

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