Do you let the world get you down?

Discussion in 'TRIBE Main Forum' started by mingster, Mar 7, 2002.

  1. mingster

    mingster TRIBE Member

    I know people who don't watch the news. They don't read the paper. It could be because they are oblivious, and like it that way. But some have explained that it's simply because it depresses them. I've listened to this and thought, I'd rather be up to date on what's going on in the world.

    But lately, everytime I pick up a newspaper, or read a magazine, I read mostly horror stories. In the past few days there has been an abundance of terrible things happening, all around us.

    I guess it's not just reading the paper, so much as it is being aware that these things are happening. But today, I found myself feeling really sad, and a little hopeless.

    I enjoy my weekends. I take pleasure in my friends, music, and dancing. I take confort in my dog and my dad....

    How do you keep yourself feeling optimistic when so many things seem wrong? How do you try and convey a feeling that you believe in, when you all of a sudden start lose that feeling? How do you find the good stuff? How do you keep your spirits high?

  2. Karim

    Karim TRIBE Member

    I log on to internet news, when I can choose my news. I like to read up on science and technology. Health matters and during the olympics, I like to read the sports section more often. With the net, you can choose what news you wanna hear, and like me, you can choose the news that makes you proud to be a human being.

    I especially like to go on Yahoo News and check out their general photo slide show on the main news page. This slide show includes just about everything. The depressing and the not. You flip through this once a week and you see pictures of disasters and achievement. It's like flipping through a national geographic, the photography is really good and you see and hear alot of neat stuff that otherwise gets passed up on your local, squished to 30 minute local newscast.

    First thing I do everyday, is go to the news site on yahoo.

    The "Oddly Enough" section of that news site is rather funny most of the time.

  3. MoFo

    MoFo TRIBE Member

    The news is rough. It definitely depresses. But these things are happening. So why be blind to things that are happening around you?

    Whether it's in a far away land or here in Toronto, it's going to either affect you or your children someday. So be in the know, I say. Always.

    It teaches one to not take things for granted. To be reminded that there is a chance for change in all aspects of life.
  4. If it bleeds it leads....

    The world seems to be going to hell in a handbasket, but we're only seeing one side of things. When economic times are bad, like the last two years have been, bad news tends to dominate the headlines. Also, violence and disaster makes for better sales of magazines and papers.

    Like I just mentioned, we are only seeing one side of things. There are plenty of good and positive things that are going on right now as we speak, be it the birth of a child, a person helping out another, or something that might matter to us on a personal level.

    I refuse to let the world get me down, regardless of how bad things get. Shit happens, and all you can do is scrape it off and move on. Better things will happen soon enough, it's just a matter of faith, belief and inner strength. Yes, we all get down, sometimes things don't work out the way we think they should or nothing seems to go right for us. It happens. It's unfortunately the universe we live in. But from the hardships that we see, there are just as many small pleasures that we miss or ignore, because we aren't looking or we're too distracted with how bad things are.

    Hear me say,
    Better things will surely come my way

    -Tracey Thorn and Massive Attack Better Things

    It can't rain all the time

    From the Ministry of don't let things get you too down mel, better days are not as far as you might think

    Prime Minister Highsteppa
  5. MoFo

    MoFo TRIBE Member

    I also think that an individual should always read different sources of the same story to get a solid opinion of the news. I mean, to get facts, it's okay to go to one source (unless it's Now Magazine who miscontrues numbers all the time) but to take a stand on whether Bush is an asshole or not, one must read various publications.

    I mean, just watch CNN or read the moving headlines and look for the biases and all the work that goes into making it suitable for the target American audience. *shiver*
    Lies, all lies.
  6. mingster

    mingster TRIBE Member

    I agree. This is the reason why I do try and keep up.
    I'm just wondering how many feel vulnerable and sad and helpless when the read the paper...

    Sometimes, I'll be reading and I just stop and think "Oh my god, how can people do things like this". How can people be so evil and uncaring? And how do I continue to have faith in humanity when humanity is rotting right before my eyes? How do I live optimistically when I can't seem to make people understand and care for one another? When people like Daniel Pearl are being shot for being Jewish. And some little kid dies at the hand of his parents....

    I'm sorry if I sound a tad dramatic. I'm just feeling dissapointed right now.

  7. MoFo

    MoFo TRIBE Member

    Re: If it bleeds it leads....

    "Say the magic's gone, well, I'm not a magician.
    Say the spark's gone, well, get an electrician.
    I say you're lyin' about needin' to be free.
    Oh, that's bullshit baby, you just want rid of me..."

    Nothing to do with the thread but SO beautiful.
  8. Karim

    Karim TRIBE Member

  9. MoFo

    MoFo TRIBE Member

    Oh god, I can't even tell you how many times I've sat on the subway and teared up reading about the photographer who took the picture of the people falling out of the World Trade Center or the little boy who was forced to eat his own vomit by his parents or the gay couples in Egypt who bawled uncontrollably before their execution...

    Most of it is hard to take in, it really is.
  10. When/if you are down....

    Find the things you like the most. Only you can make yourself happy, and only you can truely bring yourself out of a rut. Friends can help you, but ultimately it's up to you to decide whether you want to be happy or not. It's a matter of believing it yourself.

    Look for the things that make you most happy. Find art that you like or find relaxing. Go to places that you know relax you or you feel very comfortable being in. Listen to music that makes you feel good or reminds you of better times and fond memories. If you can find someone that will listen, talk about what's bothering you and see if you can sort it out yourself. Be with friends that are positive and give off a good feeling. Find what you're looking for and keep faith that you will find it if you're looking hard enough. Any and all of these things help get you out of a rut, but you must know yourself well enough to find the happiness you're seeking.

    Yes, people are capable of some pretty horrendous shit. And we seem to be reminded of it on a daily basis. But remember that there are many unselfish acts that often go unrecognized. Think about that little 14 year old girl that saved her siblings from a fire. That's something to admire and take pleasure that there are people that have a good heart and would go the length for those they care about. I'm sure that there are plenty of other people that are capable of similar acts, we just don't get the opportunity to see it on a daily basis. We sometimes have to look for it in others, as it is not easy to see.

    Keep your head up Mel. The world can be a great place to be living in, you just need to see the better things that are around us, and the miracles and amazing things that are around us each and every day. The things that we often take for granted, are often the things that are the most beautiful and amazing when we look closer.

    From the Ministry of hope you get out of this rut

    Prime Minister Highsteppa
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  13. Rosey

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    mel, i'd love to offer you words of sympathy and understanding, but i myself am too overwhelmed by the same tragedies to really believe anything positive that i could say.

    this planet is screwed.
  14. Rosey

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  19. atomic

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    highsteppa is right - you must focus on the things which give you positivity. there's a lot out there which can bring you down. there always has been and always will be horrible things that humans to do one another - that's what we are. we're just more aware of it now because of technology and this current public desire to "need to know". the problem with that is, we don't know jack. we don't know jack about each individual situation which brought out a horrible circumstance, so all we can do is take what information we've been given and then apply our own spin to it.

    I think all we can do is try to be well to ourselves first, then to others around us. positivity doesn't need large numbers or a lot of work, just a little bit of faith.
  20. madnezz

    madnezz TRIBE Member

    omg!! *LOL* relax rosey!! I've just been intregued with the link Karim posted IN THIS THREAD, so I thought I would continue the thought!

    Holy tribe police!

  21. mingster

    mingster TRIBE Member

    *lol* @ Laura. So innappropriate.

    Thanks for the words's nice to know I'm not the only one who feels all "rhein" inside sometimes.

  22. mingster

    mingster TRIBE Member

    So true.
    But, not to be argumentative, sometimes you try to do this so much, and you never get anything back, not that these things should be done for reward, but rather for result. And you try to talk and make things easier. And it can all seem so futile.

    Life is fucking hard my friends. It's the hardest things I've ever had to do.

  23. djcheezwhiz

    djcheezwhiz TRIBE Member

    wow, excellent thoughts everyone...(my thoughts are totally random right now as i should be in bed)...

    i only watch the new VR for my news...nothing bad ever happens in VRland :D

    but i think the secret is finding comfort areas...a place where you can go to be quiet, be introspective & be at one with yourself...


    curled up in bed with any of the calvin & hobbes books...they present many valuable viewpoints on's ingenuity, it's stupidity, it's lack of vision, it's closedmindedness (word??) presents the world as a beautiful place which we just sort of seem to mess up without really trying...


    ps heres an old standby...

    Just a little inspiration. . .

    We convince ourselves that life will be better after we get
    have a baby, then another. Then we are frustrated that the kids
    aren't old enough and we'll be more content when they are. After
    that we're frustrated that we have teenagers to deal with. We
    certainly be happy when they are out of that stage. We tell
    that our life will be complete when our spouse gets his or her act
    together, when we get a nicer car, are able to go on a nice

    when we retire.

    The truth is, there's no better time to be happy than right now.
    not now, when?

    Your life will always be filled with challenges. It's best to
    this to yourself and decide to be happy anyway. One of my
    quotes comes from Alfred D Souza. He said, "For a long time it
    seemed to me that life was about to begin - real life. But there

    always some obstacle in the way, something to be gotten through
    first,some unfinished business, time still to be served, a debt to
    be paid. Then life would begin.

    At last it dawned on me that these obstacles were my life".
    This perspective has helped me to see that there is no way to
    happiness. Happiness is the way. So, reassure every moment that you have.
    Treasure it more because you shared it with someone
    special, special enough to spend your time...and remember that
    time waits for no one...

    So stop waiting until you finish school, until you go back to
    school, until you lose ten pounds, until you gain ten pounds, until you
    have kids, until your kids leave the house, until you start work, until you
    retire, until you get married, until you get divorced, until Friday
    night, until Sunday morning, until you get a new car or home, until
    your car or home is paid off, until spring, until summer, until fall,
    until winter, until you are off welfare, until the first or fifteenth,
    until your song comes on, until you've had a drink, until you've
    sobered up, until you die, until you are born again to decide that

    there is no better time than right now to be happy...

    Happiness is a journey, not a destination.

    Thought for the day:

    Work like you don't need money,
    Love like you've never been hurt,
    And dance like no one's watching.
  24. mingster

    mingster TRIBE Member

    I'm printing that, John. :)
  25. Cheer Bear

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    I sleep. Alot.

    <--- Just woke up

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