Do you ever just feel like.........

Discussion in 'TRIBE Main Forum' started by Wunderbar, Mar 12, 2002.

  1. Wunderbar

    Wunderbar Well-Known Member

    pouring hot coffee on someone's head?

    screaming out to the heavens in the middle of a boring lecture?

    walking up to an attractive woman in a cafeteria and asking if she would like to have immediate intercourse?

    sucking your own toes?
  2. cosmic

    cosmic TRIBE Member

  3. Bass-Invader

    Bass-Invader TRIBE Member

    Challenge: Try doing them all at once.
  4. TheLiquidFairy

    TheLiquidFairy TRIBE Member

    That would make for some interesting movies...


  5. Perform an emergency vasectomy on someone?


    Not until I saw this.

    From the Ministry of good god it's an abomination

    Prime Minister Highsteppa
  6. dicksherwood

    dicksherwood TRIBE Member

    Lowered expecta-a-a-ations
  7. dicksherwood

    dicksherwood TRIBE Member

    Sometimes I feel like beating people over the head with a stick
    Sometimes I feel like finding a pussy to lick
    Sometimes I feel like running to places I don't know
    Sometimes I feel like telling my boss where to go
    And sometimes I feel like this whole thing is coming crashing down on my brain and I can't take it anymore and I don't know what to do so I get high but then I get paranoid and caught in this web of thoughts about things I just don't want to deal with at that moment in time and then I think about monsters and witches and darkness and then I start contemplating the origins of the universe and the reasons for my existence and why do I have to die and then I feel like I can't justify consuming the air that I breathe buuuuuuuuuuttttt then the calm settles in, that warm glow as the peak resides and my brain settles into a contented numbness where all that matters is good beats and a toasted 12 grain bagel with peanut butter and then
    I feel like like drifting off to sle-e-e-e-p
  8. joey

    joey TRIBE Member

    i often get twisted thoughts in my mind, like what what happen is i did _____ to someone?

    im not gonna share, cause people will be scared of me

    yhis is normal right?? :confused:
  9. statira

    statira TRIBE Member

    i get twisted thoughts too, usually in places where i shouldn't, like when a prof is talking to me, or when i'm in a doctors appt, i sometimes get urges to do something crazy...which i won't mention. i thought i was the only one!

  10. Wunderbar

    Wunderbar Well-Known Member

    being the 'master of your domain' in an uncomfortable social setting?

    speaking in "blah" or "malkovich" to avoid the cheeziness of small talk?

    thinking about family members in ways which society says you really shouldn't be thinking about them????
  11. twist

    twist TRIBE Member

    sometimes I just wanna shit my pants on the street reach in and huck some poo in some yuppies face... but i'd make sure he saw me take the crap first. that'd be fookin hilarious.
  12. Sassy

    Sassy TRIBE Member

    LOL at this thread :)

    Could you imagine what this world would be like if everyone just gave in to their urges?! :D
  13. Cheeka

    Cheeka TRIBE Member

    dicksherwood you=nuts
    (forever sleeping with my door locked at home :eek: - you one crazy mofo :p!!)

    I would love to....tell my boss to shove my job up his ass.
    that'd be the best one for me right now.
    *come on package*
  14. daddyiwantchocolate

    daddyiwantchocolate TRIBE Member

  15. mingster

    mingster TRIBE Member

    I know exactly what you mean.....scarily so.

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