CUJO and MJ --- sad day for sports fans

Discussion in 'TRIBE Main Forum' started by Klubmasta Will, Feb 27, 2002.

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    I thought the same thing when i first heard that he was making a comeback. But after seeing what he singlehandedly accomplished for the team as a whole, I had a change of heart. You gotta give credit where credit is due - Michael Jordan is unbelievable. His game may not be as good as it used to be, but his leadership and mentoring improved the games of many players in the league, most specifically the Wizards ---- all under one season. That's a mark of a great player.

    Should this injury end his career, at least he gave it all he's got.
  2. H2Whoa

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    Re: MJ

    Very true. I prefer when stars choose to go out on top. Its sucks to see a superstar show brilliance once in a while and go out limping. He can still be a mentor - just do it from the sidelines.
  3. ~soulheaven~

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  4. Klubmasta Will

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    ^^^ hey greg, ya, i heard that on the radio. apparently, his surgery went very well and his condition was better than expected. very good news indeed. :)
  5. ~soulheaven~

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    Ya, I agree it is good news. Because no matter how much we love or hate the 'larger-than-life' athletes, it is a shame if they have to go out due to injuries.

    Sports obviously has this dramaturgical element to it, where we see things like MJ's final shot to win the championship (after a great steal), and then people debate his decision to come back. Then something like this happens, and we are worried that (and MJ might have been too) they might have been right after all.

    I'm not what I would call a huge MJ fan, but my general disposition is that I want to see everyone do really well in what they do. I hope he can make a full recovery, because stories about underdogs and battling against the odds are all the sort of stuff that epic sporting dramas are made of.

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    :( :( :( <---For Curtis indeed

    The trade deadline is March 19th I believe, but I don't think the Leafs should make a trade for a goalie. Cujo will probably be back just in time for the playoffs, and other teams will probably raise the price for the goalie knowing we're in a difficult position. The only possible replacement that I see fit would be Hackett, Weekes, or Fiset (the other possibilities being either not good enough, ie Vernon, where we might as well stay with what we got, or the price would be too high and we would be stuck with 2 number one goalies when Cujo comes back, ie. Richter).

    I have a good feeling about this guy Centomo though. He's 16-1-0 and 2.09 GAA in the Central Hockey League and 8-4-2 in the AHL and leading teh AHL in Sav% with .932. Plus, he's from Quebec, can't go wrong with Quebecois goalies. ;)

    I do believe, however, we should make a bid for a defenceman. Kaspiritus would be a great choice.

  7. Nesta

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    fuck, i didn't know about mj. that's pretty shitty!
  8. joey

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    anyone want to make a trade for Joseph in the tribe pool?

    he'll be pretty cheap..................

    fucking joseph, ruin my hockey pool
  9. kuba

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    Re: Re: is Cujo worth 10m?

    Yeah I'm a moron. Good comeback.

    He is NOT worth everypenny. How is he better than Roy/Brodeur? Didnt think so.

    Why is CuJo so well liked here? Because he put us in deep in the playoffs. Fine I admit he played well. But his contract demands are out of whack with the market. And his pissy attitude with Quinn over the olympics is what will drive him out of here.

    mark these words: October 2002, we will not see Cujo in net for the leafs.

    All of you sucked Wendel's dick when we traded Kenny Johnson for him to the Isles are now sucking Cujos because he is so good. How come he aint ever won shit with any team hes been with? Thats what separates good from great.
  10. HypaTee

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    First of all, I would like to wish MJ all the best on his recovery. Surely even at his age he is still one of the best in the NBA. Just imagine what he could do with another decent player on the team.

    Now for my thoughts on Cujo. This guy is the classiest guy on the NHL. Never had I seen anyone with more sportsmanship. IMO he didn't get a fair chance at the Olympics. Come on, Canada played a horrible game game against Sweeden. We could have had all of our 3 goalies in net at the same time and they still would have handed our asses to us. In the second game against Germany, Brodeur was very ordinary. He never faced any hard shots nor made any big saves... Thus Cujo should have got the start against the Czechs...

    As for winning the gold medal, I don't think goaltending was a big factor at all. Canada got lucky and faced two relatively easy teams for a shot at the gold. Brodeur never faced many shots and most of the shots were low scoring chances anyways. With the way Canada played defensively, we could have won the gold with either one of the 3 goalies...

    So in response to qtip's comments...Its not always the 'great' that wins...its the luckiest that mostly comes out on top!!!

    I've watched how the TML have developed more and more into Cup form over the past few years. We are getting soo close...and a big part of it is because of Cujo...we lose him and we start all over...
  11. BigBadBaldy

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    Re: Re: Re: is Cujo worth 10m?

    Yeah, that's why Ray Bourque only had one GREAT season in his career, right qtip?


  12. kuba

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    Would you not agree with me that a defenseman does not have as much "input" in a game as a goalie? Ultimately the goalie is the last line of defence.

    And, Borque DID win something, did he not?

    Its like Karl Malone. Why will he never ever ever get as much respect as Kobe, Michael, Shaq, Duncan, etc? is he almost as good, as prolific etc, BUT He aint ever won shit when he had the chance.

    thats my point BBB
  13. Klubmasta Will

    Klubmasta Will TRIBE Member

    ^^^ fair point, but some of the greatest professional athletes have never won *the big game*. dan marino and jim kelly are two that very quickly come to mind.

    i'm not sure how much cujo is asking for so i'm not about to comment on whether or not he's worth it, but the fact that he hasn't won a stanley cup yet should not be a factor.
  14. Preroller

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    I believe you had already wrecked the pool a few months ago.

    The last person I would make a trade with in the pool is you.

  15. stir-fry

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    ie, Greg "the shark" Norman, the winningest golfer of all time (until tigger showed up), yet he has always choked at the "big" majors.
    I'd still want him on my side, he's tough like a brick wall.
  16. kuba

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    I think that CuJo is asking for "fair market value", which is par with Brodeur and Roy and Hasek. I don't think that he is worth what they are. Maybe slightly less.

    Thing is, if the leafs dont give it to him, another team will.

    On one hand I dont know why they take so long for some of their players. And then Sundin gets a huge deal, so does Quinn. But with Yushkevich it took forever, same with Kaberle.

    Friggin sports
  17. kuba

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    Yeah but I have no pity for chokers. I would rather have tiger on my side than norman at a big tourney. SO what marino was so good? Or kelly? They will be remembered as "almost but not quite" which does not mean they are classic players.

    I'm by no means saying Joseph is a choker. I just have a problem with his small hissyfit about the olympiad and how he could not start vs. the czechs. would ANY ONE HERE have started Cujo vs the czechs? ANYONE?

    He should know: its a 3game tourney. He had time to prepare. He knew sundin and the opposing team. And he didnt play well.

    Swallow your pride and go home.
  18. Klubmasta Will

    Klubmasta Will TRIBE Member

    cujo and sundin are worth it, not just because they are good, but because they are POPULAR.

    the leafs are a business. their revenues go up if they win more games (i.e. because more people will watch if the team is doing better) but also if they have *heroes* on the team. people like cujo. they chant his name, they buy jerseys with his name on them - it all adds to their loyalty to the team.
  19. H2Whoa

    H2Whoa TRIBE Member

    popular is overrated when it comes to the Leafs. They would sell out and sell Jerseys regardless who is playing... i agree that they are overpaid as compared to others at around the same talent level...i'm also happy that they play for the Leafs though :)
  20. kuba

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    When was the last time a business cared? The leafs sold out if Mike Palmateer and Darren Puppa (which means bum in polish) played in net. The leafs dont care! If they did they would have signed sakic or some kickass free agents.

    You hit the nail on the head but were wrong about the explanation: the leafs are a business. And big business doesnt care b/c they have a monopoly on hockey in Toronto. Sure some fans might be mad if Cujo isnt signed but in the long run, the seats are sold so they do nt give a flick.

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