creative ways to make extra cash

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  1. Booty Bits

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    work for CutCo as a knife salesman!

    i am being totally serious. they train you, and then you use your contacts (i.e. friends and family) and do presentations for them in their homes.
    if they buy shit, you get some crazy commission i think, plus you get a base pay if you actually get out there and put in some hours.

    since you're from scarborough, you probably know plenty of folks around town (hint hint: your friends' parents) who would allow you into their living rooms brandishing knives.

    plus, you're really personable, professional (whn you need to be) and very likeable.
    those things would totally pay off in a job like that.

    i think you should look into it. you need to deal with crazy sales types, but other than the training and the regularly scheduled CutCo brainwashing sessions, you are working independently.

    basically, you could make a tonne of cash if you're willing to work for it, and its all legal. plus you get mad discounts on the amazing knives that they sell.

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