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Discussion in 'TRIBE Main Forum' started by MoFo, Mar 1, 2002.

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    He used a 36 point font.
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    Well... if you really wanna know...
    Subject: Smirnoff vodka: an ad comparison (1966 vs. 1997)
    Objective: to research Smirnoff's branding and advertising history and to make solid statements about how Smirnoff (as a conglomerate) maintains the status quo using marketing techniques and mass-media outlets by using 2 key examples from different eras.

    It was written in sections:
    - corporate history and company linkages
    - media linkages
    - marketing comparison between two ads
    - advertising rates, demographics of two ads
    - demographics and overview of the publication advertised in
    - semiotic analysis which includes
    1) denotative reading of each ad (description without any cultural references)
    2) connotative reading of each ad (what the signifiers in the ad represent)
    - ideological analysis of each ad (how each ad maintains the status quo and existing relations of power)
    - written conclusionary commentary synthesizing everything

    = 24 pages. And I didn't even write everything I wanted to.
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    YOU'RE a 36 point font. :D
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    congratulate me too!

    i did fuck all today, now i'm going out to drink and shoot pool!


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    Did you mention anything in your paper about Smirnoff being a Canadaian Corparate (TSE-30!) powerhous etc... untill it sold out to the Americans?

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