cheap blank cds

Discussion in 'TRIBE Main Forum' started by AshG, Mar 6, 2002.

  1. acheron

    acheron TRIBE Member

    Sonnam Computers (northeast corner of Spadina/College) across the street from Comfort Zone has very good deals on CDRs, minidiscs, etc...

    I get my Kodak Gold/Silver Ultra 80mins with multi-coloured slim-line cases there for $69/50 (incl. tax). They sell all the major brands there as well as jewel cases (double, triple and quadruple-cd cases are available)...
  2. deep

    deep TRIBE Member

    I always buy from Computer Ultra.
  3. dj Red Turtle

    dj Red Turtle TRIBE Promoter

    do you have an address? or the name of the shop?
  4. tella

    tella TRIBE Member

    theres a place here in brampton selling 100 80min discs for only 39.99$. i can't remember what the place is called but it's on queen. st (at rutherford) right beside pizza pizza and swiss chalet.
  5. dj Red Turtle

    dj Red Turtle TRIBE Promoter

    are these the ones with no markings or logos?
  6. tella

    tella TRIBE Member

    i'm not too sure..i haven't picked them up..i just saw one of those billboard things the other day as i was driving by.

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