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    Throughout my life, and im sure throught alot of peoples lives, the Olympics have been an intregal part of my memories, and my imagination. There have been many nights in my childhood where I would dream of standing on a podium in front of the world, accepting a Gold medal for my country...what an incredible sense of pride it must fill you with to be up there while your countrys flag is being raised ..and your countrys anthem ringing throughout the stadium...i had this dream as a child...and i wasnt even born here!

    On a few threads littered around the board...a few people have commented on how the Olympics is nothing more than just people flying down hills, recieving silly pieces of accolades for their accomplishment of doing this better than someone else...and how a country refers to those wins in "we's" and "us's". What alot of people dont understand (or dont care to understand) is that the Olympics, and any sport for that matter is not just about people flying down hills, its not just about how much better one country is at putting a black piece of rubber in a meshed goal. It does however, represent far more than that...medals are there more as a token of their accomplishments, more than just the actual goal. No one would give a flying wazoo about a medal if the world didnt see what having a medal around your neck REALLY means for both the athelete and their country. Some people see it, some people do not...and thats their right not to care. But you cant argue with the fact that these Olympic Games capture alot more than just the chance to say "im went down that hill faster than you did.".The Olympic Games is a representation and celebration of the one thing we as human beings all share alike. Our competitive drive...and not just against other countries, but against ourselves as well. The Olympic Games capture the dreams and imaginations of adults and children all over the world. The goal of the Olympic games is not just a representation of what an individual can do..but what a country can do. Without the support of the country they live in, may it be in training, in tax dollars, or just plain support, these atheletes would not have accomplished the things they did. If you asked almost any athelete from any part of the world what the biggest driving force behind winning a medal is...almost all would say that the pride of bringing home a medal, for their country is all the driving force one needs.

    You cant deny the fact that with Canada winning a record number of Gold medals in these Olympic Games..and with Canada winning double Gold in hockey...with Canada's Pelletier and Sale capturing the hearts and respect of the ENTIRE world..and with Catriona defending her Gold medals, even with all the pressure..that it has lifted a nations spirits to heights we havent seen here in quite a long time. Its called NATIONAL PRIDE! Yes, alot of people may not feel it, or may not even care..but a great deal of the population (including me) DOES see it that way, and that feeling is something we share with our atheletes, and is why people refer to it as "us" winning gold. Without us, without our nation there backing up our atheletes, without our nation providing the tax dollars for training, without our support there would be no Olympic atheletes.

    Yes...there were only 20 some odd players who ACTUALLY represented and played as team Canada in hockey...but a player and a team can only be as good as the support it is given by his/her fans...and this is where the "we's" and "us's" come from...it is an extension of a country's livelyhood, and a countrys pride as a nation. Yesterday, as team Canada played their hearts out against the Americans, you could look outside and see the tumbleweeds rolling down the streets. In downtown Yonge St...the busiest street in Canada...there was barely anyone in sight. Everyone was inside watching the gold medal game. Within the bars and restaurants and homes of all these Canadians...people huigged, they kissed, high fived each other, and celebrated as a Nation...because for that brief instance of time, they all forgot about their problems, they all forgot about having to go to work today, they all forgot they still have a $200,000 mortgage to pay off. In that brief instance of time, there were no individuals...there was just CANADIANS..and if hockey and the Olympics can unite a country like it did yesterday, and how it is even today...well then that is something to hold in high regard, and that is something that means alot more than just people flying down hills.

    Ill be there in 2 years celebrating Humanity...and celebrating Canada!


    Congratulations to all the atheletes on this...the 2002 Olympic Winter Games...cant wait for Athens!

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    ^^^^well said CO2.....during yesterday's events and the celebration festivities, I found myself to be quite emotional....I don't think I've ever been that moved by the Olympic games before in my life....I've always watched them, but it didn't occur to me until yesterday shortly after our win in men's hockey, how much it meant to me...and how damn proud I am of all our athletes...the ones who succeeded as well as the ones who didn't....this has been our best Winter Olympics yet.....and we will only grow stronger.......and cheer louder next time ;)

    <-----one of those crazy flag waving girls on Young St. last night...it was so fun....EVERYONE was smiling :)
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    You are one of the many thousands of Canadians celebrating the win...i wonder if it had been the States who won...would you see partying in the streets of New York, Chicago, Boston..or Hockeytown itself..Detroit?

    Or is this just a Canadian thing? It goes to show just how important the game of hockey is to us. Its gone WAY past the point of it just being a sport...its a way of life!


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