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Can they tell the difference between Male and female urine

Discussion in 'TRIBE Main Forum' started by swilly, Jun 23, 2003.

  1. swilly

    swilly TRIBE Member

    I need to do a urine sample tommorow but i will fail this test if i do and lose out on 700 quid. so i asked my flatmate to donate some pee pee. But can they tell the differnce between male and female urine?

  2. deep

    deep TRIBE Member

    chemical testing, yes

    taste test, no
  3. Bass-Invader

    Bass-Invader TRIBE Member

    just tell them you had an operation a few years back.
  4. Adam

    Adam TRIBE Member

    ohh..my ovaries.
  5. swilly

    swilly TRIBE Member

    right what if they do one before the other?
  6. MeL_Roc

    MeL_Roc TRIBE Member

    I think they can detect the amount of estrogen in urine.
  7. swilly

    swilly TRIBE Member

    is there anything i can do to my pee to get rid of THC? it has been about 10 days since i last smoked.

  8. deep

    deep TRIBE Member

    Bet the lab researcher you'll take a swig of the piss for 700 quid

    If you fail the test, you get the 700 quid regardless

    If you pass the test, you get 1400 quid

    And it goes without saying that we expect a photoessay from you
  9. swilly

    swilly TRIBE Member

    what if i put some soap in it ?? or like rubbed it all over my body and then put it back in the plastic bottle
  10. swilly

    swilly TRIBE Member

    nice one
  11. zee

    zee TRIBE Member

    you want to rub urine all over your body because..?
  12. Eclipze

    Eclipze TRIBE Member

    lol @ taste test
  13. swilly

    swilly TRIBE Member

    Nothing like a rubbing your body with your own urine to start your day, mate. You should try it some time.

    why do you think women have such nice skin and spend all that time in the toliet. They are not reading the newspaper thats for sure

  14. Hamza

    Hamza TRIBE Member


    the only real chance you have is to drink lots of water, eat lots of fruits like watermelon while your at it.

    The more you piss, the more you will clean out your system. Beyond that, rubbing soap, ketchup or relish on you, or placing it in your piss will only raise suspision.
    It all depends on what they are testing for, they may not be testing for THC, or they might.

  15. geminigirl

    geminigirl TRIBE Member

    Male urine smells soooooooooo bad! Yuck! There is for sure a difference.
  16. Eclipze

    Eclipze TRIBE Member

    yeah and your shit doesn't stink :rolleyes:
  17. zee

    zee TRIBE Member

    ah the secrets of watersports revealed..
  18. zoo

    zoo TRIBE Member

    maybe you shouldn't do drugs before blood & urine tests that you knew about in advance
  19. Eccentric (LRG)

    Eccentric (LRG) TRIBE Member

    get a guy friend to piss in a cup for you and not a female friend ?
  20. Its Pooched

    Its Pooched TRIBE Member

    you should do enough drugs to kill a small horse, the chemicals in your body will be so out of whack that they will think there is something wrong with the test;)
  21. G-FrEsH

    G-FrEsH TRIBE Promoter

    Dumb And Dumber hahahahhahA...

  22. HotSauce

    HotSauce TRIBE Member

    To add to this, bring weed and a grinder in with you. Grind up the weed, and drop it in the sample.
    You won't pass the test, but it will be funny. Almost as important.
  23. DeepSix

    DeepSix TRIBE Promoter

    eat some asparagus.

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