BREATHE = LIARS (warning: rant)

Discussion in 'TRIBE Main Forum' started by Jazz, Feb 9, 2002.

  1. daddyiwantchocolate

    daddyiwantchocolate TRIBE Member

    How big is stereo?
  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I didn't respect your comment because you were jumping all over bucky because he was saying it was one of the better clubs he's been to, oh yeah and you called him an ASS.
    Why is okay for you to partake in name calling and not me? You're comments were no better than mine so stop your whining.

    As far as System goes, I don't mind the club although I'm not too fond of fridays anymore *cough*sausage fest*cough*. Overall I think the layout of the club is pretty good considering the location, the lighting is decent, but I do agree that the sound is a bit lacking. It's still one of the better clubs I've been to however, and Bucky was right we are spoiled here.

    As for the growing some balls comment I'd more than happy to show them to you, maybe even let you suck on them to.
  3. kyfe

    kyfe TRIBE Member

    Its an old movie theatre like 500+

    2 of my four points have been proven:
    system does not have a good layout.
    and it does not have superior sound.

  4. bucky

    bucky TRIBE Member

    But it's still a "good" club. Ok so maybe it's not the best in Toronto, or best compared to Montreal, but to say it's not a "good" club is just silly and proves time and time again how spoiled you are in Toronto and ya still don't even realize it.
  5. Cheeka

    Cheeka TRIBE Member

    Bailey's ass kinda big [​IMG]!!
  6. poker face

    poker face TRIBE Member

    WE are spoiled here compared to where you live I agree and most people do not realize this unless they leave the city and see what else is out there.
  7. kyfe

    kyfe TRIBE Member

    As pointed out from other members I apologize for my earlier posts no harm intended.

    I am looking at this from the point that the club is either good or bad, I'm not saying its entirely bad or poorly done. but for the hype it gets people forget the little things, the most important things. I love Toronto and i agree that we are spoiled. but that has nothing to do with what I was trying to say. I'm sure many ppl love the club and I've always been very impressed with who i've seen there. but they need to improve in other areas to justify anyone paying $25 to get in there. great dj's are not enough right now it's worth about $15 and thats what they should be charging not $25 unless they are going to turn around and give something back ie sound.The same mixup happened with the night where they made people pay that were guestlist.

    All I'm saying is that it's starting to show that they only care about the money and not making sure the club sticks around

  8. RJ45

    RJ45 TRIBE Member

    See? Now that's a good argument.
  9. Guest

    Guest Guest

    compared to many other cities $25 for any headliner is still a deal.
  10. DJAlchemy

    DJAlchemy TRIBE Promoter

    In defence of system:

    When I was in line the manager came outside and let a TON of people in for free who were wearing blue. If you're so niave to think that when offering a deal like this that you can march in there whenever and be let in for free then its time for a reality check. I'm sure no matter how much the club may have hyped up the night they were not planning to make 0$ off cover all night-Especially considering there are three UK DJ's playing that night. Further more if you don't know that shit gets wierd after midnight by now then its time to pick up a flyer! price goes up free guest list = reduced cover, usually $5 off the after midnight price.

    Stereo sound system rocks -nuff said. Price wise, I paid $30 bux to see David Morales when I was there last, and it was worse then a sausage fest! Maybe that had something to do with Morales, but hey...

    Toronto is a spoiled city, everyone always thinks that the grass is greener on the other side of the fence. Its time to open your eyes and realise that there is talent and world class clubs in the city.

    Peace & love. D
  11. Guest

    Guest Guest

    isn't stereo primarily a gay club. I haven't been yet but that's what I've heard. Anyway, that would explain all the men.
  12. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Compare Industry to system.
    No comparison system sucks.
  13. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Sona vs system
    Sona wins hands down
    Stereo vs system
    Stereo wins
    Government vs System
    Government wins

    System is not that great and is quite ugly with a stupid layout. Most clubs in the city are much better in decor, lighting and sound. If you guys would venture out of the scene for one night you would see that. The only reason you keep going to system is they bring in dj's that others don't but other then that the club sucks.
  14. SneakyPete

    SneakyPete TRIBE Member

    Stereo is not that big, but bigger than System. I don't know the capacity, but it's big enough to feel like there's a lot of people and at the same time giving you an intimate feeling.

  15. Guest

    Guest Guest

    one club I really liked is fluid.

    I've only been there once though so I didn't have much of a chance to take it all in. I liked what I saw though.
  16. kennyboy

    kennyboy TRIBE Member

    Guv. over System? Sorry, but no.
  17. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Government has a better setup, better lighting better sound. Just cause you don't like the crowd doesn't mean it isn't ten times better then that basement called system.
  18. Guest

    Guest Guest

    this debating over what makes a god club is going no where.

    It all comes down to personal preference
  19. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Good point, I am going to start a new thread.
  20. DJAlchemy

    DJAlchemy TRIBE Promoter

    quite the contrary. It most certainly is the people that make a club good.

    Peace & love. D
  21. kennyboy

    kennyboy TRIBE Member

    Agreed on all points. And you're right, not only do I not like the crowd, I can't stand it.
    So for me, the guv isn't better than system since I can't bear to be in the place for more than about 10 minutes.
    The crowd plays a big part in making a club what it is.
  22. SneakyPete

    SneakyPete TRIBE Member

    Pest is right. The comparison is on the club not the crowd, or the music. Based on that I think Guv is better than System as well. If you're comparing overall experience then you can make an argument on different comparisons.

  23. Wunderbar

    Wunderbar Well-Known Member

    The only asset that System had over Guvernment was the intimacy factor and the vibe. The last couple of times I've been to the Soundbar not only has it been a sausagefest, but it's attracted a different element [lots of pushing and shoving].

    The Guvernment complex kicks System's ass when it comes to: number of rooms available, overall decoration, sound, lights and bartenders. System is good when you want to smoke and see some great dj's and it's a very cool underground club. However, for major parties [s&d, summer's end, smirnoff] ,nothing can compete with the guv.
  24. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Wow people are agreeing with me is the world going to end.
  25. djcheezwhiz

    djcheezwhiz TRIBE Member

    i don't really understand why everyone is so quick to attack breathe & system (sausages etc)...

    first let me say, marketing & communication don't always present the same message (actually they rarely do), so it is a shame the flyers didn't communicate this piece of marketing clearly...however did you email the promoters to voice your displeasure?? are you basing your entire tirade against system & the promoters based on this one event/occurrence??

    now I admit to being a breathe regular (so take the rest of what i have to say at your own discretion)...

    where else in the city does up & coming talent get to play in a venue alongside world class djs?? no other club to my knowledge actively sought out this talent & booked them to play a prime time slot on a regular basis...

    where else in this city can you go on a regular basis & consistently meet new & friendly people, who have a love for music?? i have met so many incredible people (including those currently slamming system) over the past 18 months at breathe...

    where else on a consistent basis do the promoters (of both bang & breathe) attempt to bring in world class talent while at the same time understand the importance of having strong & talented resident djs (matt & mark @ breathe...evil p, dino & terry of bang, in addition to carlos, the merry pranksters, michael drury etc etc (although it is a true shame luke is not longer part of breathe))??

    in a few years of partying, i truly have enjoyed the past 18 months probably moreso than any other club experience i have been priveleged to be a part of, including the early days of rave, 23 hop, factory, & oz...i look at the new friends i have made & the incredible sets i have heard at system & have been glad to be a part of it as a fan of music...

    i'm not going to attack other clubs/events for being assholes or pricks at the door, or discuss the extent to which using earlier ideas/names for parties is common across the party scene, but pose one final thought.

    i'm a pretty critical person when it comes to events, parties & djs...on a consistent basis i have left breathe totally satisfied with what i have heard & been a part of, & for that i will continue to go...i can't say the same about many other experiences in the clubbing scene (but a quick plug for the wabi crew here [​IMG] ) for that i thank mike (the recently departed jose & luke), matt & mark for creating a truly world class night in toronto, not an easy thing to's been fun!!!

    that is all


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