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Best camp sites / parks in Ontario?

Discussion in 'TRIBE Main Forum' started by Boo, Jul 17, 2006.

  1. Boo

    Boo TRIBE Member

    I've trying to plan a camping trip and there are a LOT of choices out there for places to go. Even forgetting about the million private campsites, there are plenty of Ontario parks sites.

    I was thinking Killarney or Algonquin park, but haven't been to either of these before. Both are so big that 2 groups could go the exact same weekend and have a completley different take on the place.

    What are your favorite places to go? Any little known parks / areas that you go to often?
  2. kyfe

    kyfe TRIBE Member

  3. MissBlu

    MissBlu TRIBE Member

    Cyprus Lake - Tobermory!
  4. Gfunkdiva

    Gfunkdiva TRIBE Member

  5. I_bRAD

    I_bRAD TRIBE Member

    Car camping or interior?
  6. Doran

    Doran TRIBE Member

    my gf just did a week long canoe trip in Killarney.. the pics she came back with were stunning.. kicking myself that I wasn't able to go along with her. They camped on their own little island every night, and only ran into a few other people the whole time.

    Cyprus Lake is a pretty typical destination.. not that it isn't an amazing place in itself.. but it's certainly no secret and the past few times I've been there you'd almost think you were at a public beach with all the people flocking to the grotto, and whatnot.

    Found lots of places up around Thunder Bay & area since moving a few years ago, but I'm guessing that might be a little far of a roadtrip. If not, just say so, and I'll drum up a list of faves.
  7. migzzzz

    migzzzz TRIBE Member

    I 2nd that!
  8. MissBlu

    MissBlu TRIBE Member

    I am dog sitting for friends who are heading up to Killarney tonight, looking at the website makes me very jealous...

    I agree that Cyprus is a pretty typical place to go, but so many people dont even realize that its there. Hiking is great, cliff jumping and the singing sands is something that I think everyone should have the opporyunity to experience.

    I guess camping just about anywhere in nature is awesome.
  9. natureboy

    natureboy TRIBE Member

    Charlston lake PP.
    It's Close (just north of Gananoque), beautiful, clean, miles of hiking trails, great fishing, really nice car camping and canoe-in sites, cool native history and dope cliffs for diving.
    IMO -it's the best park within a couple of ours from here.
  10. TaCk OnE?

    TaCk OnE? TRIBE Member

    sandbanks is the coolest.

    but if you're looking for wilderness go far up north to tomagamy (sp?) or algonquin.
  11. Prickly Pete

    Prickly Pete TRIBE Member

    I have only been to Killbear but I thought it was awesome.
  12. Boo

    Boo TRIBE Member

    what is this sandbanks people speak of

    must google and find out

    And that cyprus lake sounds interesting as my broad's grandparents live near Tobermory and a trip to Manatoulin island would be nice.

    Thunder Bay is a little far - only going for 4-5 days :)
    Last edited: Jul 17, 2006
  13. Gfunkdiva

    Gfunkdiva TRIBE Member

    Sandbanks = Picton, in Prince Edward County. Beautiful soft sandy beach as far as the eye can see, another beach with HUMONGO dunes you can climb and drop right into the water, cute area with lots of wineries, good restaurants, antique shopping etc...

    2.5 hours East from Toronto, no traffic, but UBER difficult to get a camping spot. Call for cancellations, mid-week way easier than weekends.
  14. kyfe

    kyfe TRIBE Member

    exactly, I remember being able to book this place without hassle till approx 2-3 years ago since then it's been near impossible.

    Even in April
  15. Doran

    Doran TRIBE Member

    Yeah Cyprus is can be really good if you do some exploring, and wandering around. There's some must see & do stuff there, and enough to keep most people happy even if they just want to sit around and suntan all day. Growing up in Grey-Bruce it was a frequent destination as a kid. Macgregor Point is pretty nice camping too, but doesn't have as much to keep you busy during the day.
  16. s1k

    s1k TRIBE Member

    keep in mind all the good ones are all booked.
  17. sasha_niveole

    sasha_niveole TRIBE Member

    Sandbanks is the most popular park in the Province. good luck finding a spot. Ppl make their reservations 5 months in advance.

    My favorite parks are Killbear and Bon Echo
  18. sam

    sam TRIBE Member

    Killarney Provincial Park is my favourite place to camp....especially if you are planning to go into the interior, rent a canoe and what not.

    It is one of the most scenic and beautiful series of lakes and campsites I have every been to.

    The Group of Seven were inspired by the scenery up there for a lot of their paintings.
  19. Doran

    Doran TRIBE Member

    Few pics from Killarney -
  20. Gfunkdiva

    Gfunkdiva TRIBE Member

    I camped at Sandbanks 5 weeks every summer til I was 18. Thank god for parents who are teachers! My dad used to camp out there on Easter weekend to be the first one in line, and we always got the best camping site.

    Ever since they went online for reservations though, it's next to impossible. Cancellations do happen though especially mid-week, so if you're persistent you should be able to get something. Go for Area A - it's next to the beach. and Good Luck!!
  21. derek

    derek TRIBE Member

    you'll have trouble finding any spot at killarney on george lake. hell, i booed my interior trip for september 1 day after the 5month limit for reservations, and still ended up not getting one site i wanted. come to think of it i've never been able to book h48. one day.
  22. green_souljah

    green_souljah TRIBE Member

    Silent Lake, just south of Bancroft on Highway 28.

    No power boats allowed, just canoes and kayaks.

    Nice spot to camp as well, well forested.

    I think its one of the newer provincial parks, definately one of the nicest.

    Algonquin is good but you will be surrounded by the same people you are trying to get away from.

    Also some cool crown land spots within driving distance if you don't mind pooping in the woods.
  23. green_souljah

    green_souljah TRIBE Member

    really? I thought it was Algonquin, perhaps both though.
  24. derek

    derek TRIBE Member

  25. seeker

    seeker TRIBE Member

    headed to algonquin this weekend for a 3 day trip to shirley lake. been looking forward to this since january. :D

    silent lake is very much recommended. if you dig on sandbanks, presqu'ile is another destination with similar features, although the beaches at sandbanks are better. frontenac provincial park near kingston is a great spot, altho i haven't been there in years.

    wow, i really need to do more camping.

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