bell vs. fido vs. telus? advice?

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    I am hungover as all hell today and was a little bit too optimiztic that these demerols and tylenol3s would cure my hangover... they have not... but I am walking on a cloud... inbetween cloud fluffs I will answer your questions.

    First, me. I have bee a clearnet/telus customer for about five years. The service has always been exceptional and dealing with their client care, (when necessary, ie. rarely) has always been professional and courteous. Anyways, within the last half year, I liked the guys so much, I got a job there.

    So I spend a lot of time balancing the pros and cons of the different companies and talking to a lot of people who have become fedup with other companies and moved to Telus.

    Telus' goal is to be the highest quality wireless service provider. This means that they won't necessarily be the cheapest, and that they don't just sign up everyone who asks, but everyone that is a client is treated fairly and with courtesy beyond what the other companies offer. I have had many people sign up with us solely because they have heard that we offer the best customer service.

    My opinion about the other providers: Bell is alright, but expensive. Their plans are constructed to be sorts misleadingly limited (ie. 150 mins here, 150 mins there, 150 mins over there...) and lost of people come over saying they find the selection of phones at Bell to me uninspiring. Bell is also a bit highnosed servicewise and still very much has the "we're the big phone company" attitude (despite that Telus is the largest mobile service provider in the country) which many clients find frustrating if they have troubles.

    Fido will sign up every tom dick and harry to their plans in what appears to be a losing battle to stay in business. I usually assist at least a couple people a day who are leaving Fido because the coverage area is remarkably limited and has no plans for expansion. They have a real hard on there for garbage Nokia phones. There is a reason they can give thes ephones away free.

    Rogers service reputation goes before it. This is the same Rogers as in rogers cable as in rogers @ home. Expect the same mentality with your cell phone. Again these people like to be bargain basement pricewise at the expense of hardware. These people, like Fido, will love to push a free Nokia up your ass. These phones suck, but will get the job done if you're a cheapskate.

    Now everyone always has a horror story about every provider and yadda yadda yadda. You will always hear things like "oh their coverage sucks" or "their phones drop calls". Most of this is garbage since all cell phones suck once in a while. Bell and Telus phones at least use CDMA which is the newest of the digital technologies and is less likely to drop your calls or give you network busy problems. Both Telus and Bell are aggressively expanding their digital networks as well through co-operative development agreements, with most of Ontario going digital mid/end summer.

    In short, I am recommending that you sign up with either Bell or Telus. Rogers is shifty and Fido is just a small time player. Bell is kinda like the mercedes of the cell phone markets where Telus is kinda like the BMW. YAY.

    that is all.

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    Oh yeah, and I get text messaging, something I believe is an under used feature in N.America. I think the providers should get together and develop a common messaging network as right now I can only text message other Telus subscribers

    If you're on Telus send me your #, I wanna try it out!!:D
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    shawn<---needs point form!
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    shawn<---needs the coles notes version!
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    That's what I'm here for!!!


    Bling! Bling!
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    i don't know if you have already bought your phone cuz i got tired of reading these posts (especially jeff's). anyways, i work at the telephone booth in kitchener (same mall as jeff too, he's my competetion). we sell all four carriers, and my advice goes something like this. (coles notes/point form version)


    -very limited coverage
    -very good technology (gsm)
    -mitsubishi g310 sucks shit
    -good deal on nokia 3390 right now
    -they still offer a $45/month plan for 300 daytime minutes and unlimited evenings and weekends
    -although fido's evening starts at 7pm (not 6 like the other carriers)
    -add 6.95/month and tax to your bill
    -no contract, no activation fee, must stay on for 3 months to not have to pay for your phone


    -amazing coverage
    -decent technology (cdma)
    -decent phone selection
    -just launched 1x (good system for inet users)
    -unlimited eve/weekend plans from $29
    -add 6.75/month and tax to your bill
    -no rebates unless signing contract
    -$35 activation fee


    -great coverage
    -choice between shitty technology (tdma) and good technology (gsm)
    -decent phone selection
    -eve/weekend plan from build your own plan for $35/month
    -add 7.20/month and tax to your bill
    -no rebates unless signing contract
    -$35 activation fee


    -decent coverage, about to get much better (starting a network sharing with bell by the end of the 1st quarter, the end of march)
    -decent technology (cdma)
    -decent selection of pretty good phones
    -eve/weekend plan for $25 is the cheapest on the market
    -add 7.20/month and tax to your bill
    -no rebates unless signing contract
    -$25 activation fee will be waived if you activate your phone on the inet

    there's the info, you decide what's most important to you. just for the record i'm on bell my time 35 (100 mins day, unlim eve/weekend) with the samsung t130. any questions don't hesistate to email james at

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    Jeffsus.... i'm a Telus Mobility dealer in Calgary and pretty much agree with you on the whole thing. In 5 years I've lost customers to Rogers, Fido and Bell... simply because they 'heard its cheaper/better' to change. Most have come back because the coverage and customer service is better with Telus.

    Only problem I see now really is the new phones that Telus offers are unserviceable locally. We can fix all the Motorola units onsite but the Sanyo, Samsung, Audiovox have to be sent away for nearly a MONTH if something as simple as the antenna breaks. Its no different than the other networks but after 5 years of doing this I'm used to being able to get the phone fixed same day for the customer. Even *i'm* not immune - my Sanyo 6000 battery clip broke :/

    Oh well. If i didn't believe in the product I wouldn't have worked for them for the 5 years! You should see the Mike coverage in Alberta.... it covers almost the entire province and actually has almost the same footprint as analog now (and analog products are discontinued in the next 60 days...)
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    Bell and Telus

    Bell Mobility and Telus are owned by the same company.. BCE Inc.

    Telus uses Bell's CDMA network here in Ontario and Quebec.

    Bell uses the Telus network out west.. (however the network that Bell is building out west will be the most advanced CDMA network in all of Canada)

    The new 1XRTT network that Bell has recently released is groundbreaking.

    The speeds of digital data transfer rates are unbelievable. Faster than high speed sympatico... This is opening up more uses of cell phones.. By the end of Q1 2002, Bell Mobility will have a lineup of some of the most advance phones out there..
    Phones that have bluetooth compatibility, palm powered phones from kyocera and samsung, and phones that run on a windows based software winamp for you cell phone..

    The corporate sector has jumped on this.. and is going to be one of the biggest factors in promoting this new network. At $15/megabyte it aint cheap!

    I'm not going to get into the rate plans or the features..but i will admit Bell is expensive..
    but in the end, you get superior coverage and useability for the higher fees

    but if anyone is a BELL MOBILITY customer, prepaid or postpaid,
    and would like to see if they are getting the best deal or have the best rate plan for themselves, send me an email

    ..i'm quite generous when it comes to promotions.. :) *wink*

  9. CosmicbOi

    CosmicbOi TRIBE Member

  10. Jazz

    Jazz TRIBE Member

    hmm, a little bias towards Clearnet/Telus are we?? ;) You forgot to mention that Fido is the only provider that offers Global GSM coverage... and that GSM is considered superior to CDMA... And with regards to customer service, Fido is much better than Bell and Rogers in my opinion... never had Clearnet/Telus so I can't comment on that...
  11. Jeffsus

    Jeffsus TRIBE Member

    Re: Bell and Telus

    Just to dispell some myths,

    Bell Mobility and Telus Mobility are two entirely separate entities which have no relations (other than sharing some networks). BCE owns Bell but not Telus Mobility. Telus Mobility is actually Tele-Mobile division of Telus Corporation, which was (formerly) the government run phone company of Alberta. It is a common misconception out east that Telus is just a branch of Bell. It is not. Telus Mobility is larger and more profitable than Bell mobility.

    Out east (and across the country, actually) Telus uses the former Clearnet's 1.9GHz CDMA network. Out east Telus operates 800MHz and 1.9GHz , and 800 MHz AMPS networks (hence the advent of trimode phones). Telus does not currently use any of Bells network (nor vice versa), as each company is totally independent. However, because Telus digital network coverage out west is enormous, and Bell's digital coverage out east is improving, the two companies will be sharing their networks in the near future. Out east Telus uses AT&T for their analogue service.

    Bell is not expanding its digital network out west. It is merely piggybacking on Telus there. The higher speed transfer rates will not be all that high speed, just about 14.4k. Telus 3G will be CDMA2000 to which you may be referring, and both Bell and Telus phones will be using that network (ie. the phone lineup/abilities will be the same) Though -technically- CDMA2000 allows for incredible data transfer rates, in general users won't be able to take advantage of them because of the implementation. I hand this matter over to my RF Engineer *labrat*. (or mixed signal or whatever the hell you are nowadays craiggy poo poo)

    Telus already offers Palm powered Kyocera devices and is the only mainstream provider that permits packet switched data and already allows users to take advantage of that technology on many of the most commonly available Telus phones (like the mighty T300, but also the samsungs)

    Telus is also pioneering mcommerce in north america and the Canadian market is seen as an excellent one to role out these technologies considering their willingness to adapt previous novel modes of POS transactions (like interac, and those digital money cards). For those of you who dont know, mcommerce allows your phone to be integrated with your bank account (or credit card) to pay for services and merchandise. This is popular in places like finland but there (to my knowledge) is mostly limited to things like vending machines (that's what the infra red port on some Nokia's is for) and is not associated with your bank account. (a $1 pop merely shows up on your phone bill)

    GSM is really just a global form of TDMA, and TDMA is inferior to CDMA. CDMA is at least 7 years newer technology and has several advtantages over TDMA. The only advantage GSM has is that it is global - for most people who live in North America, that is irrelevent because 1. GSM coverage in Canada sucks royally 2. international rate plans from Fido/Rogers are super expensive and the (most of?) devices they sell are 'locked' (ie. cannot be used without rogers/fido SIM). Soo....

  12. Jeffsus

    Jeffsus TRIBE Member

    Dear Bitchass:

    My chronic friend Torry is moving back to Calgary from Norway.
    He wants me to be his roommate and I think that would be a blast.

    Do you know of any Telus job opportunities in Calgary?


  13. CosmicbOi

    CosmicbOi TRIBE Member

    i'm not going to bother getting into an argument about fact.. especially here on tribe..

    i stand by everything i said..
    and i have fact to support it..

    if u want to get the paperwork and press releases from a few years ago, then send me an email.. i'll definitely send u documentation..

    and yes, Bell is not expending its network out west.. it is building a brand new one.. it's own network.. one that doesnt belong to telus..

    Plus i can send u a listing of all the companies owned by BCE inc and the Texas company that has a 20% share in BCE...


    ps: check the annual report for 2000 for both Telus and Bell..
    then tell me that Telus is more profitable.
    (we're talking about celluar here.. no other divisions, just cellular)
  14. kerouacdude

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    having worked in human resources, customer service, and collections in the call centre world and of course having been a customer, I can unequivocally say Microcell (Fido) has the worst service I have ever come across in my 32 years on this planet. A total indifference to customer needs and an overly aggressive collections policy which is the hallmark of a company which is losing money hand over fist ($430 million to be exact) - it was the exact same way at Sprint when I worked there...ambitious plans don't pan out, and it's on to collecting as much money sooner than before, and then the inevitable layoffs.

    I'm glad the people on this thread who promote Fido have had pleasant experiences...I missed an expense filing date coz it took 4 reps and over an hour of my time on the phone over the course of a week to finally get a bill faxed - each of the four quoted me a different policy. Plus, I for one do not like being treated like a felon 45 days after the billing date (it's pretty standard for a company to give you 42 days before late charges are applied and to not call until about 10 days later, allowing for mail delay etc) for a balance that never exceeded a whopping $50.

    I'm with Rogers now and I'm much happier now.
    I'm out.
  15. Jeffsus

    Jeffsus TRIBE Member

    Well since it's pretty easy to find supporting evidence, I will post it, to end these unfounded myths.

    re: high speed and 3G

    (from here)

    Telus will be the first to launch 3G in Canada, it will be done in Calgary. It is still slower than high speed.

    BCE is putting down $180 million over the next 10 years to build up their 3G networkk out west, so I was wrong about that.

    (from here and here.)

    I'm not sure which quarter results you are talking about, but any recent ones will reflect that Telus is doing better than Bell.

    re: BCE owns Telus
    (From the BCE website) Doesn't sound like the sentiments of companies that "own" each other. Really, it makes no sense that Bell would own Telus or vice versa. I have scoured the internet and found no evidence that Telus and BCE are related except as competitors. Again, that Telus is somehow a subsidiary of BCE is a misconception of people in the east who grew up with Bell being the be all and end all.

  16. bitchass

    bitchass TRIBE Member

    the 1xrtt demos that i have seen are truly impressive with end user speeds at about 40 kb/s. telus mobility has had calgary running for almost a year now for demos and testing and it should be available to users within a few months. my understanding was that Bell hadn't launched it yet, but i could be wrong. 1x is very expensive and out here most users will still be better off with cdpd (slow but very good coverage)

    out west, right now - Bell has their own 1.9ghz cdma coverage in the cities but 800mhz is off Telus, as is the analog. Bell's city coverage is fairly weak and they have pretty much failed so far at getting business clients (highest account revenue - who cares about kids who want $20 evening/weekend packages) because of their coverage.

    Once all these full access roaming agreements come into play though, i have problems seeing what the difference between Bell and Telus will be...
  17. labRat

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    Re: Bell and Telus

    are you in marketing or sales? 'cuz it sure sounds like it.

    CDMA2000 has been out in korea for about a year now and FOMA (DoCoMo's 3G network) has been out for about as long as well. The networks are very impressive but they are not getting the full 150/350 kbps otherwise you'd be paying throug the roof and not many radio's can actually handle the full data rates.

    GPRS is just being introduced throughout europe and north america. the north american networks are lame, non of the carriers work together like how the europena ones do and the market isn't ready for the high speed wireless networks. CDMA2000 and EDGE will be coming after that (CDMA200 to replace the current CDMA networks and EDGE to go ontop of the GPRS networks) but these will not be available for at least another year or two. Sure the networks may be in place inm a few areas, but it will not be available across the board for quite some time.

    as for MP3 players and windows based handhelds, that will be a ways off as well (in the advanced forms, not just the simple ones that are out there now). sure M$ has put out their reference design with TI for a 3G handheld, but they won't be market ready for at least another year and a half. untill fuel cell technology comes to handhelds we will not be seeing the types of applications that you see on those commercials and whotnot, unless you don't mind recharging every 6 hours.

    this year will be interesting since GPRS will be in full swing, hopefully applications will come out that will require the need for the 3G type networks.

  18. bitchass

    bitchass TRIBE Member

    labrat - my understanding about gprs is that the maximim enduser speed is in the area of 20kb/s. this wasn't an imposed limitation but the max speed the technology is capable of. am i wrong?
  19. simpletee

    simpletee TRIBE Member

    i'm actually looking to get a cell too... and all this talk is totally confusing seeing as i've never had a cell before. :confused:

    i'm getting the impression that:
    rogers=not so good
    bell=good (but more expensive)

    now we need a new thread discussing the different phones...
    i have questions like, if you use a phone from bell, can you switch over to telus on a diff plan with same phone?

    CosmicBoi, 'generous promotions' eh.. which bell place do you work at...?
  20. bitchass

    bitchass TRIBE Member

    technically yeah the phones are switchable but either network would be a bit upset if their techs did it for you :)

    simply for price and features i think the samsung phones are the best out there right now..
  21. labRat

    labRat TRIBE Member

    TheoRetically (as opposed to TheoFleury or TheoHuxtabully) GPRS has a 171.2kbps data rate, but GPRS splits up the time slots into 8 so in a simple mode you are only getting 1/8 of that total. Also there are different mode that are supported by the handheld and basestation - CS1-4. Most handhelds will not be supporting the highest mode CS4, so the max with 8 slots now drops to 124kbps.

    Fido/Microcell offers up to 56kbps (i'm not sure what mode/channel combinations they're using). This will probably be the norm for the time being.

    Another thing to note is that the payload also comes with a lot more overhead than a wired type connection so your actual usable data again drops a bit more.


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