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  1. seeker

    seeker TRIBE Member

    it seems that quite often people talk about hallucinations when they in fact mean visuals -- ie tracers, walls 'breathing', etc. true hallucinations occur when you see something that doesn't exist at all in reality -- ie people talking to other non-existant people while on datura.

    in my experience, mushrooms are far more visual -- and hallucinogenic -- than acid. but my experience with mushrooms is greater than with acid, too.

    and since everyone else is doing it:

    the best acid i ever had was 'mad hatters' from a couple of years ago. them wuz gud tripz, d00d.
  2. Lysistrata

    Lysistrata Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I've hardly ever really hallucinated, even while on acid, tho I've certainly had visuals and stuff, like once I thought the wallpaper pattern was taking over the room, superimposing itself on people's faces, etc. things like that aren't really scary though. I don't know if I would be scared if I ever actually saw something that wasn't there, but I can't know till it happens!

    I haven't done acid since high school, and then only a couple of times, but I really liked it. I would certainly do it again if it came my way, but I just never hear of it anymore except, of course, in references to past experience.


    "--through some quirk of metabolism, through some drug perhaps, has his doors of perception opened for an instant and he almost sees--presque vu!--the entire being and he knows for the first time that there is a whole . . . other pattern here . . . Each moment in his life is only minutely related to the cause-and-effect chain within his little molecular world. Each moment, if he could only analyze it, reveals the entire pattern of the motion of the giant being, and his life is minutely synched in with it--"
    ----The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test, Tom Wolfe
  3. R4V4G3D_SKU11S

    R4V4G3D_SKU11S TRIBE Member

    It doesn't day anything about whteher 2CB could come in pill form.
    ninja, do you know for sure that what you did was 2CB? I definetely experienced massive hallucinations, from giant highway overpasses, black helicopters to crowds of people and fences that I could walk through. All looking exactly as though they were just there normally.
  4. kodos

    kodos TRIBE Member

    acid heads... see my profile, check that link

    may be of interset
  5. Doll

    Doll TRIBE Member

    Perhaps, but I was told by the other people who took it with me (and who had been heavily into triping) that the E was probably dropped with acid. Years ago, it was known to be a cheap, but effective, way to make E's that little bit stronger/better.

    Also, I've done tons of E's over the years and have only ever had that kind of experience a handful of times. I get trails and strobes when on E, but never full hallucinations.

  6. smile

    smile Well-Known Member

    acid is great, if you can handle the trip, cuz it's pretty intense.

    when i started partying, i didnt do anything but acid for my first 3 years, then i found MDMA and the rest is history.

    i still do shrooms from time to time, but i haven't done acid in a LOOONG time.

    i wouldn't mind doing it again to remember what it's like.....but only if i could find the liquid acid! LSD-25 was so good.
  7. Da grunj

    Da grunj TRIBE Member

    4 weeks ago I did my first one in 14 years. It was a great time, except the next day was the worst comedown I have evere had (and thats saying a hellova lot!). Maybe in another 15 years I will have forgotton the non-stop crawling skin and absolute hell of the next day thing.

  8. Ditto Much

    Ditto Much TRIBE Member

    "Acid the gift that keeps on giving"

    I refuse to be involved in setting up any rave where half the workers are not high on acid. The quality and quantity of good quality LSD and the use of it has provided us with some of the greatest events.
  9. HappyJR

    HappyJR TRIBE Member



    I can belive that.

    But... I can also belive that LSD has also provided us with some miswired speakers and dangerous structures that could fall at any minute...

    but hey... that's half that fun.
  10. ninja

    ninja TRIBE Member

    I'm 90% sure that what I took had 2-CB in it. just I went to hyperreal and the erowid vault of knowledge and the profile of 2-CB fit the effects of the pill almost identically.
    it was definatly the most powerful drug I've taken these were real halucinations... it started with double vision and peterpan style shadows running around then the world just ceased to exist at one point. I was just soaring through the clouds it was great. but a little scary at the time.
  11. Ditto Much

    Ditto Much TRIBE Member

    Concerts are properly assembled master peaces that don't brake. Raves are supposed to be a little sketchier because they should be testing the balance of what is.


    rave whats a rave
  12. janiecakes

    janiecakes TRIBE Member

    basic, i think i remember hearing from erin (the TRIP coordinator) that a few years ago a bunch of people in toronto got sold 2-cb that they were told was e, so i think it can come in pill form.

    i'm not 100% positive though.

    about the whole hallucination debate, i've only done acid a few times, it's not really my thing, but the first time i did it i hallucinated my ass off for about 3 hours. not visuals, but hallucinations. like 8 eyes in someone's face, dancing chicks and snakes zipping past my eyes! i found it too tiring to be much fun.

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