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  1. Cheer Bear

    Cheer Bear TRIBE Member

    Best: WEMF 2000 (I've never EVER danced that much, and I doubt I will again)

    Worst: ATM II (first and only bad trip)
  2. Plato

    Plato TRIBE Member

    that, to my understanding, would be dmt.

    it interests me....lalalalala..*cough*abacusdealer<nospam>*cough*




    what i found was that i couldnt control it. even when i was telling myself it was ok, it was just the drugs and it was no big brain would try and trick me and say i was actually crazy and the drugs were a cover up...i dunno..long story short..i had NO control over it. and it lasted way too long. whenever i thought it was finally over, it came back in all its trippy glory.
  4. Syntax Error

    Syntax Error Well-Known Member

    i can somewhat relate to that since whenever i'm really tripping thoughts run through my mind at an incredible speed. i'm constantly contradicting myself in my own head. it's like a thousand little arguements all going on at once, alot of repitition as well. but i have learned to just enjoy that aspect of the drug. another reason why i like to dose early, i don't end up lying in bed trying to get to sleep.
  5. BigBadBaldy

    BigBadBaldy TRIBE Member

    I used to do a lot (see in dictionary: A LOT) of acid, then went about 10 years without doing it again. It got to be a bit much (considering I was consciously doing 12 hits at a time) and I had to stop for a while, as it had lost its enjoyment factor.

    I did liquid acid after about ten years off in BC at a trance party and had a great time in '97, and then did acid last year at the Richie Hawtin/ John Aquaviva night at Kool Haus and had a fucking AWESOME TIME both nights. At Hawtin, it was perfect. Good clean blotters (3 of them) and lots of dancing. I would (at this stage of my recovery process) rather do acid than E, as long as I knew the source, and trust me, I wouldn't dose if I didn't know where it came from.


    I'm tipsy, just so's you know.
  6. Brite

    Brite TRIBE Member

    Re: Re: Re: Acid

    I find this with both Acid and mushrooms... I always at some point during the high wonder/want it to end... if it was shorted i *may* be for it, but I don't think anything that lasts as long at that high is necessary
  7. *tranner*

    *tranner* TRIBE Member

    Hmm, I had a blast on mushrooms, even when my surroundings were not so ideal (walking through kensington market at midnight scares me when I'm sobre). I hope that's a good indicator that I can control myself during more intense experiences. To those that enjoy acid, how do you prepare your mind, or is that neccessary? I'm thinking of giving this a try soon.
  8. HappyJR

    HappyJR TRIBE Member

    Well... I don't know about the rest of you but I'm making a verry strong push for an acid revival as the drug of choice at parties. It's not easy though... cause everyone's got a reason why they won't do it/ don't do it anymore.

    But, acid is great!

    It's cheap, almost always a learning experince, gives you a ton of energy, and... that so many people talk about finally wanting it to wear off means that it's not the kind of thing that people get addicted to easily.

    Pleasure drugs give what seems like free pleasure... but it ends up being at a cost... quite a cost... They kill self esteem... are bad for the health, and are really easy to get dependant on.

    Psychadelics though, make you humble, add to your self esteem, do not lead to dependance as easily and, honestly, all the E I've ever done doesn't even come close to the blissed out feeling that I get from acid, under the right circumstances.

    But the bliss isn't free... you have to work for it... wich is why a lot of people don't like it.

    It's just a shame that good acid is so hard to find...
  9. Subsonic Chronic

    Subsonic Chronic TRIBE Member

    I think acid is great, but it's something that can't be done too often. Although it took me a while before I learned how to control it, once I figured that out I started enjoying it a lot more. The problem and benefit of acid is that the high is what you make of it. If you're in a bad mood, or not in the right frame of mind you might have a bad trip, but if you're prepared mentally it can kick ass. It's kind of a challenge to do it almost, something to get psyched for... if that makes any sense.

    And it especially goes well with psychedelic music (obviously).

    I don't think that it's a drug that will have some sort of sudden revival, just that it's more prevalent in some scenes than in others. ie: you probably won't see too many junglists staring at the pretty colours, but stumble onto a small psy-party and it could magically appear.

    Pete <- would also give an arm and a leg for some decent liquid.
  10. Variant

    Variant TRIBE Member

    I enjoyed it for a little while. Thought i'd tried it all until the first Destiny 3day in 95. Green Goblins popped up and boy oh boy 3/4 of one hit and 14 hours later (no joke) the world was a different place. Anyone from Mississauga partying around that time should know what i'm talkin about.
  11. Rosey

    Rosey TRIBE Member

    the few times that i've done it, i really liked it. i want to do more. :)
  12. sweetpea

    sweetpea Well-Known Member

    DITTO!! That shit is nasty
  13. Hi i'm God

    Hi i'm God TRIBE Member

    I've done E a few times and Smoked like twice but since I was 17 Acid is the only drug thats EVER had me curious. I'd love to try but would have NO idea of where to find it. God <--- Clueless.
  14. dimpy

    dimpy TRIBE Member

    acid and shrooms are still there on my "scary" list. basically like sunkist i'm afraid that i'll never come back to normal. smoking weed without doing anything else (and no it's not laced) either leaves me really laughy or with that incredible when am i not going to be high anymore feeling the next and will even come back to me a day or two after. i tend to often have sketchy tuesdays, go figure.

    for me i think acid would make me really introspective but it gets freaky when you're on the subway and are so aware of reality that nothing ceases to amaze you. i have a million thoughts going through a my mind and once on a regular basis and it's like i might cross over the edge if i mess with the wires any more than they already are.

    i also am afraid that i might think that i can fly!
    no seriously i think the "just say no" drug propaganda on sitcoms and books that influenced me the most when i was young was the stuff that showed people having bad trips and turning into vegetables (like acid) or turning into panic stricken sddicts (like heroin)

    basically acid for me has always been a drug to try when i become a more experienced user, in a happy place in my life or one where i can deal with a little bit of shaking up and nothing to do the next day.

  15. Subsonic Chronic

    Subsonic Chronic TRIBE Member

    That's definitely one of the weirder aspects of doing acid the first time. Because it lasts for such a long time, and because the come down is gradual, it takes a long, long time to feel "normal" again. Often, even days after, people who have done acid for the first time will still feel a little different, like they perceive teh world a little differently. It definitely tinkers with some weird things in the brain.

    Oh and to anyone who's a fan of nitrous, the high from it lasts considerably longer when done while on acid.

  16. dimpy

    dimpy TRIBE Member

    and if it's anything with certain experiences i've had with weed, i fear that i might start doubting that i was ever normal to begin with.

    ...kind of like 12 monkeys and the are the people in asylums all crazy and looking out or are the people in the world really insane and the crazy people are just seeking refuge in the institutions?
  17. Lexicon

    Lexicon TRIBE Member

    I have never laughed so hard in my life when I was on acid 3 yrs back.
    Took it with my bro & friends when I was in Hamilton. Tripped the fuck out of me the whole night. My mind was so warped that I thought my body didn't even existed.
    Couldn't sleep 8hrs later in the morning, drove all over the place looking to buy a fan to cool us down. (It was a damn hot summer.)
    Finally decided to make a drive to Wonderland along 400 for the waterpark. It was one hell of a trip. The highway was jammed. Everyone was looking funny (all of them have big heads, I mean huge), spotted 12 cars reversing in highways (???!!), lamposts bending out of shape, clouds takings all sorts of forms......literally laughed our ass off throughout the journey there.

    Damn. I miss acid.
  18. Variant

    Variant TRIBE Member

    Were you at Happy Face Summer Solstice in 96? Nivoc and Neerav for most of the night? Outdoors in the middle of nowhere somewhere around mississauga? I ask cause they had nitrous tanks aplenty and about 100% of the people who came were on acid. And yeah.. nitrous + acid = w00p.
  19. poker face

    poker face TRIBE Member

    I use to do it a lot when I was in highschool and I will keep it that way. I had it by accident at a couple of raves and I did not enjoy it.

    I do not like the buzz on mushrooms and acid they make me feel dirty.
  20. Subsonic Chronic

    Subsonic Chronic TRIBE Member

    Variant... I missed that one but sounds like it was a hell of a lot of fun! :D

  21. seeker

    seeker TRIBE Member

    i totally agree. they don't call it 'tripping' for nothing! ;)
    you have to plan, pack (mentally and physically), have some idea of where you're going and how you'll get there. the worst trip on psychedelics i ever had was when i was bored one saturday night and decided to eat 3 grams of mushrooms. bad idea!

    take the time to plan things a little bit (set and setting has already been mentioned) and to learn about the experience through reading. i'm sure that the curious will find it's an incredible experience.
  22. OTIS

    OTIS TRIBE Member

    My acid experience.
    Highschool watching a hischool footbal game..
    it sucked.. I hate jocks.

    Never really curious to try it again.

    I remember it was huge in the party scene when I first got in.

    Then, so was shrooms and E hadn't really blew up yet.
  23. mcbee

    mcbee TRIBE Member

    no thank you no thank you no thank you.

    i can't even handle my mushrooms, let alone acid.

    seeing people fucked up on it scares me and being my friends on it makes me really uncomfortable.
    not my thing whatsover.

  24. stir-fry

    stir-fry TRIBE Member

    i never tried acid, and i never would now.. but with all the crazy things my friends used to get themselves into, I kinda wish I had tried it when i was younger.
    i've done some shrooms that were pretty intense, probably not AS intense as acid, but it was good enough for me.
  25. Dark-Rave

    Dark-Rave TRIBE Member

    hmmm, never really tried acid but i heard that if you like acid you'll love mescaline.. my mesc trip lasted for 10 hours. the dosage i took was 100mg which is considered mild. hmmm, i will be trying a higher dosage (200mg) on my next trip. fair warning: its not a recreational drug! fun though :D

    mo info can be found at :

    L S D


    i hope you are taking the time to catch some sunshine as it is a gorgeous day outside! yay!

    love and laughter,


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